A Handful of Top Social Media Benefits for your Business

If you’re not taking advantage of any social media within your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a fast-paced, inexpensive, and effective way to reach your target audience.  

Want to know more about how social media can help your business connect with, engage with and grow customers? Well then, keep reading! 

Faster & More Effective Communication 

Getting in touch has never been easier. You are now just a comment or DM away from your customers and vice versa. Which means that you, as the business owner, can receive, review and respond to customers’ issues and queries faster and easier than in the past. Contacting the right people, without even having to pick up the phone, can be done cheaper, faster and more efficiently than ever. So, why not communicate in real time today? 

Social media means you don’t have to rely on whether the media will publish your business story in order to share valuable information. Having a social communications strategy in place means you can also ensure that your online comms has a clear goal, is actually effective, and is targeted to the ideal audience(s). 

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for growth. 

It is one of the main driving forces behind perceptions and attitudes, consumer-based decision making and also repeated purchases. Consumers tend to lean towards purchasing from brands that they are familiar with and have prior knowledge of, and social media enables said brands (you!) to connect with them on the channels that they use on a daily basis. This can then result in you not only being able to build a relationship with your target audience but also instil a strong sense of brand loyalty. 

A way in which to give your brand a sense of humanisation (and in-turn increase awareness), is through the clear promotion of quality content. Brands that share valuable content with the right audiences are typically bound to differentiate and boost themselves in a positive way from brands that don’t or those that simply miss the mark in doing so. Make your mark by showing who your brand is – what makes it memorable, unique and worth following? 

To summarise, the impression of which a brand gives off and thus, the reputation it builds can be greatly enhanced through the use of social media. 

Create Meaningful Engagement

The number of likes, shares and comments can be an ideal ego-boost, but it’s much more than just a vanity metric to look at and make yourself feel good.

Once you have the right strategy in place you can encourage higher engagements and therefore be able to attain valuable insights. These insights can then help to guide your strategy into a further optimised version where you can sell to your audience at ideal times and on the right platforms for where they are – thus increasing engagement. 

Both digital and traditional success is achieved through understanding (and then delivering) the best possible customer service in partnership with doing everything you can to ensure that your customers and potential future ones receive the best experience from and with your brand. 

It is also important to consider the fact that your product or services being sold needs to be one of quality, trustworthiness and fulfilment. However, as we all know, there are forever going to be unhappy customers out there too. It is how we respond to all of these customers, be their feedback ‘good’ or ‘bad’, that is crucial to any brand’s success and reputation. Social media can help your brand maintain that reputation by providing you with a means to interact with your customers directly, like you never have before. This also means that you are able to receive real feedback from the source faster than ever before. Brands should be using these platforms as an opportunity to build their presence through authentic engagement as a true and consumer-first operation. 

Constant Reputation Management

Managing your reputation online can help to make your brand become a lead magnet. As consumers, we can tend towards doing some research before we look to engage in the buying process. If you are constantly exposed to a brand and thus its content, and then on top of that see a number of positive reviews, you are more likely to actually go through with purchasing a product or service from them.

Upholding (and ideally surpassing) expectations as a brand with each individual can go a long way at any level. Where promoting and sharing great content is one way that your brand can attract audiences as well as keep them loyal to you, being ‘likeable’ is only going so far. Brands are going to have negative experiences, it’s  a part of life and business. And so, the idea is to greatly minimise these negative experiences and learn to capitalise on them through learning and reacting. Social media is now the ideal platform in which to do that. It is the companies that understand this and embrace it that stand out above all of the rest for having a positive reputation in being reactive and responsive. On social media, these lines of communication are simplified and you can keep it all within your brand’s tone of voice. Consumers want to be treated properly and fairly and social media gives us this platform to achieve that. 

By continually keeping in line and maintaining your brand’s reputation is an opportunity to impress potential consumers with how you have handled other consumer interactions. It is common in today’s digitally-lead society that people turn to and rely upon social media and online reviews to garner a deeper idea of who they are looking to buy from. Like marketers, consumers are using social media as a tool to enable them to make better and more informed purchases and decisions in general. Looking at these reviews and feedback gives potential customers the chance to see how much brands actually care about their customers, even after they’ve made a sale. This is crucial to them and their brands success through their reputation management. 

User Generated Content

Social media provides the opportunity for businesses to attain free photography of their products and services through User Generated Content (UGC)! This might just be one of the most effective (and cheapest) ways to reach your target audience. Featuring UGC content on your channels can increase your credibility as a brand by featuring authentic and genuine imagery of your products taken by an impartial source. So, make sure to use those great pictures of your products and services that you get tagged in and make the most of them! 

So what have we learned?

The possibilities and the benefits of social media are somewhat endless so make sure to utilise it to its max! Check out how we at Teapot can help you out with your social media needs too.

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