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How To Add Products In WooCommerce – Part 1

Part 1 of our WooCommerce tutorial is focused on how to add a simple product, this will enable you to list a product on your website correctly and explain where the elements are displayed, for this tutorial we are using the default theme ‘Twenty Sixteen’

Step by step

In the admin area hover over ‘Products’ and click ‘Add New’.

You should then fill out of the following areas to be able to create a product:

  • Title (1)
  • Regular Price (4)

This is the minimum that you need to do however to actually explain what your product is you should also fill out the following:

  • Long Description (2)
  • Product Category (3)
  • Product Image (5)
  • Short Description (6)

There are some additional options which can be used such as:

  • Sale price – Add a sale price which is shown on the front end and the main price (4) is crossed out.
  • Inventory – This enables you to set stock quantities so when they are all sold stop anymore order from being taken or show a message to the user so they know the item is on back order. This is shown just above the Add to Cart button on the front end. Read more here.
  • Shipping – This enables you to add in weights and dimensions which can be used for advanced shipping plugins, shown on the front end of the site in the additional information tab (next to the long description 2) or both. Read more here.
  • Linked Products – This allows you to show other products that the user might be interested in which can be shown on the front end below the long description (2) and in the checkout. Read more here.
  • Attributes – You can list certain information such as Colour, Make, Model etc which is shown on the front end in a new tabbed area called additional information next to the long description (2). Read more here.
  • Advanced – Add a purchase note for the buyer, change the order the product is displayed on the category or main shop, and disable or enabled the reviews tab. Read more here.

When you view the front end of the website it will generally output in this format (additional options not shown).

You can read more about adding a simple product on the official WooCommerce docs website

Our next blog will be How to add variable products in WooCommerce Tutorial – Part 2

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