This is possibly going to be the shortest Teapot blog ever, going by some of our past epic reads this is not such a bad thing. 

I just wanted to share the advanced search queries that we use for link prospecting for blog guest posts. Here they are individually:-

{Your Keyword} intitle:”write for us”
{Your Keyword} intitle:”guest post”
{Your Keyword} intitle:”contribute to”
{Your Keyword} intitle:submit + inurl:blog
{Your Keyword} inurl:contributor
{Your Keyword} inurl:guest-post
{Your Keyword} inurl:write-for-us

You can use these as individual prospecting searches within BuzzStream, if you are carrying out manual searches or using something a bit more powerful then you can string them together to return an awesome list of prospects:-

{Your Keyword} intitle:”write for us” OR intitle:”guest post” OR intitle:”contribute to” OR intitle:submit + inurl:blog OR inurl:contributor OR inurl:guest-post OR inurl:write-for-us

Click HERE for an example of the above query used to search for Travel Blog.

In the past we have used the following queries but they don’t appear to be effective anymore:-

{Your Keyword} inpostauthor:guest
{Your Keyword} inpostauthor:”guest blog”
{Your Keyword} inpostauthor:”guest post”
{Your Keyword} inpostauthor:”guest author”

If you have any further advanced search queries then please share :-)

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