We make good things happen

When we do business, something good happens somewhere in the world!

We are now part of B1G1. It brings new purpose, meaning and relevance to our business by embedding giving, right at the core of what we do. We have linked our business activities to powerful, high-impact projects changing our world.

So now you, our clients, are helping too! Thank you for the work you give us. Not only does it help your business, it now helps many different causes around the world!

We are only at the start of our giving journey but to see our impact so far, please look at the stories below. These have been carefully chosen by the Teapotters and are causes close to our hearts.

We will add new giving stories over time and endeavour to reach our giving goals each year.

This year we are hoping to reach a minimum of:

  • 3600 days of clean water
  • 30 trees planted in Borneo
  • 75 school meals
  • 100 kilos of coastal trash collected

Our Internal Giving Goals

We plant 1 tree to nurture the environment in Borneo, when we get good feedback from a client or a nice google or FB review.

We give 1 day of access to life-saving clean water to a child in Tanzania, for every invoice we raise.

We collect 1 kg of coastal plastic trash, for every website that goes live.

We give 1 school meal to a child in need in India, every time our Teapot Trophy is awarded to one of the lovely Teapotters.

Life on Land


Clean Water & Sanitation


Reduced Inequalities


Life Below Water


Good Health & Well-being


Climate Action


Quality Education