Brand Values – The Foundation of a Brand

You often hear people talking about 'Creating' or 'Building' a brand but depending on who is doing the talking you will get very different messages. If you talk to any of my esteemed colleagues on our design team about 'Brand' then the conversation will no...

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The Concept of ‘Know, Like & Trust’

As individuals we make recommendations all the time. This might be recommending a bar or a restaurant to a friend or recommending a builder or a plumber to a neighbour. We often make these recommendations intuitively without thinking too much but behind...

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Making imagery work harder for you

Us humans are known for being a visual bunch who can understand images in a matter of milliseconds. When a person lands on your website the first thing they’ll notice isn’t the copy that you’ve painstakingly perfected about your company, its offerings and values -...

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The importance of good typography on your website

The fonts you’re using on your site may feel like a bit of an afterthought but they can actually play a pretty crucial part of a successful website design. Your content is so much more than text on a page! If you’ve spent time and effort curating content for your site...

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Ensure Google Can Crawl and Understand Your Site

Before you start thinking about in-depth marketing strategies to get your site in front of more people, building links to increase your domain authority, improving your product descriptions to increase relevancy or any other time consuming marketing tasks, make sure...

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Understanding What Google Wants

The vast majority of eCommerce store owners dive straight in to their online business, adding products, taking photos and often making great attempts to optimise their products with dreams of gaining top search engine rankings without any real appreciation of what...

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Why your website needs an SSL certificate

Before we get in to the ‘Why?’ it’s worth quickly explaining ‘What’ an SSL certificate is…. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that encrypts data sent between a computer (or mobile device) and a website. Without SSL any data sent from your computer to...

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Shipping setup considerations in WooCommerce

Shipping setup is something that is very easy to not think about until the end of the project or underestimate how important it is. WooCommerce (version used 3.0.8) comes with some basic shipping options which are Flat Rate, Free Shipping and Local Pickup. You can...

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The Pros and Cons of Page Builders

There are countless page building plugins available out there for WordPress, and when it comes to us selecting which one to use for a site there are many factors that come into play before making a final decision. The main factor would be the level of the client's...

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