Following on from my previous blog  “Branding – its not just a logo” I thought that we should take a look a closer look at the concept of brand identification (ID).

In this post I am going to explain where branding can be and should be seen; how much impact it can have when placed in the right position and how paying attention to detail with the use the use of your brand can pay off.

Lets get started

Where can branding be seen? We have the usual suspects – business cards, compliment slips, headed letter paper, web sites and brochures. These are prominent ways to market your company and a good place to get your brand identity recognition started and this is what we are going to concentrate on today.

Business Cards

These are a fail-safe option for promoting yourself and your business. They may be traditional but they still work just as well as ever. Small and perfectly formed they can efficiently provide a snapshot of your company profile in an unfussy manner.

Once you have a logo and colour scheme designed and in place this can be applied to your cards. Your name, contact and web site details should be prominent and your logo should stand out from the card.

Equal importance should be placed on the finish of the cards. A high gloss UV finish gives a sleek hi-tech look; super glossy and light catching. An uncoated, textured card might come across as traditional, heritage however says thoughtful and classy. How about an embossed or de-bossed effect? They can look super cool!

All this will help to give the impression to your client that you give things thought, have an eye for detail and that you CARE. They will hopefully come to the conclusion that you take the same approach to looking after clients?? needs and choose your services over those of your competitors.

Your business card should reflect your brand personality too. Is your business innovative and modern or is it traditional and reliable? Are you providing a fun and funky product and is your business card suitably quirky to reflect this? We can help you get this message across without costing you the earth.

Compliment Slips

Do people even use these any more? Well, the answer is yes! Compliment slips or ??comp?? slips remain useful despite online methods  seeming to dominate the world of business communication now and proof of this lies in the fact that many businesses still use them.

The good news is that contrary to popular belief you don’t have to order thousands of them to make it cost effective. With digital printing now being almost as good as the traditional lithographic presses you can order as few as 100 at a time!

Comp slips can be a good way of backing up your brand. For example, once you have made the first impression with your business cards you might need to post a sample or price list to your prospective new client. A beautifully designed and carefully thought about comp slip will reinforce your brand message and continue to build client confidence.

Letterhead Paper

Many businesses don’t use printed letterhead paper any more but opt for a more Eco-friendly and cost effective digital version. If these are well designed, they can be very useful. It means whenever you send a quote or letter to your client it keeps your brand message and look consistent. People will start to recognise your look and feel an affinity with it.

If you have a business that uses ‘real’ letterheads then these should match your business cards in style and stock. A paper that matches the look and feel of your business cards will give a well-balanced and well-designed impression.


These need to be punchy, stylish and beautiful. The usual care in choosing the finish and paper still apply and once again should match all your other pieces of literature. Just like with business cards you don??t want them to end up in the recycling bin.


This is probably the most important and powerful marketing tool for your business however; it is amazing how many businesses still have terrible websites! Your website should shout about your product so as soon as a client lands on your site they know exactly what they are getting.

Your logo should be one of the first things they see! Company colour schemes should be applied throughout along side relevant photos or illustrations to add a bit of glamour and pizzazz to your home page.

Everything Everything€

These are just the main ones of course. We haven€™t even begun to look at signage; car decals; retail interiors; product labels to name just a few of the others but obviously equal care and attention should be given to these too.

Ultimately an €˜across-the-board€™ impression is what we are after – if everything matches it will give a all round corporate feel and will lend weight to your brand and instill confidence in your business.

The Next Step

If you have any concerns about the message your brand gives across or how it is being used then please contact us. We can talk you through how you can make it more powerful and how to use it to your best advantage.

Take a look at our branding portfolio on our website to see how we have applied brands we€™ve created across all sorts of different areas. The opportunities for brand promotion are out there and we can help you find them.

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