It’s more than just a logo

Who do YOU want to be?

Branding is more than just a cool logo.

It’s is the strategy to create a personality and brand is the personality you sell.

Branding encapsulates your business, your goals, your ethics, your service and your product. It enables you to communicate with your tribe. It is the badge they want to wear.

It’s not just a visual thing  – it’s a feeling. It’s not just a logo – it is an identity.  The key to competitive marketing isn’t just your product, it’s how you position your brand personality. Without a defined personality, customers can get mixed messages or have trouble connecting to your brand.

How it all works

We will have an initial meeting (with tea) to discuss goals, aspirations and understand your business, its sector and its audience.

Phase two is all about research, moodboards, brainstorming and ideas. This is where we get all creative!

Now we develop the creative ideas with you and start to build your brand story – generally with more tea.

We will deliver your finished brand identity, providing your business with its very own design road map, digital artwork, colours and fonts. Hooray!

Carefully crafting a brand identity is where we come in

Know your brand upside down and inside out

Create a style guide, determine your brand personality, formulate your brand’s strategy. Now live it.
By producing brand guidelines for your team and your wholesalers, we can get everyone shouting the same message to make your brand robust and consistent. 

Evolution vs revolution

Sometimes a brand doesn’t need a completely new start; an evolution or revolution is all that’s needed. If you have an existing brand which feels a little tired, we can take it to a whole new level. 

What next?

Of course designing the brand is one thing but this also has to be rolled out. Graphic design, printed materials, signage, website design and digital marketing are all available to you under one roof.

We are very flexible in our approach. We will also be honest if we feel something is not right or a direction needs to be changed. We thrive on helping to make businesses successful through our creative input.

Your success is our success.