I am writing this as Ade, Rich and I speed along the A303 towards the south coast and another BrightonSEO conference. Rolling Wiltshire countryside is all around us and somehow I’m managing to type whilst bumping along. Ade’s driving, Rich is in the back and I’m riding shotgun, MacBook Air doing it’s thing. In 2 & a bit hours we’ll be pulling into town ready for our fifth (or is it sixth?) BrightonSEO conference.

Brighton Royal Pavilion

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The reason we keep returning is simple. As far as events in our industry go (and there are quite a few to choose from), Brighton is special. The city, the people, the speakers, the venue, the after party, the pre-conference drinks tonight, the fact that it is by the sea… The list could go on for at least another line (maybe two if we start talking Friday night Jaeger Bombs, The Fish Bowl pub, Buddies all night café ‘survivor breakfast’ on the promenade…)

In other words it is always worth the drive or the long train journey crammed in for hours and hours, because once you arrive not only will the conference be good but the social scene (read ‘networking’) are first class. And it’s free…

As the conference has grown from it’s humble origins in an upstairs room in a Brighton pub, so has the pull it exerts across both the UK and further afield. Europe must have plenty of decent SEO conferences but without fail there are always delegates from over the other side of the Channel, lured over to Brighton by the promise of the likes of Dave Trott (ad-land legend) and his closing keynote speech tomorrow at 5-30pm. Even after a full day of presentations and seminars, that talk is going to be packed. The other speakers are a line up of who’s who from the world of SEO not to mention the moderators who include the driver of this car – Mr. Ade Lewis – a BrightonSEO speaker on two previous occasions.

Wiltshire is now Hampshire and soon we’ll be heading east along the south coast. The sun’s out. Morale is strong. Talk is of drinks in town this evening in our usual haunts – The Black Lion, The Mesmerist and no doubt one or two others.

Tomorrow will be an early start then another day at The Brighton Dome with the 1500 or so delegates before spilling (post after party) into the city’s winding streets and many pubs. The Friday evening is all about making friends, meeting old ones, doing deals, swapping business cards and generally celebrating all that makes SEO a fascinating (and fun) industry to be part of. We can’t wait.



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