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BrightonSEO Conference

rockThe stripy sticks of rock, the miles of pebble beach, fish & chips, Punch & Judy, the fun fair on the pier, The Lanes, the Pavilion and a wonderfully relaxed and welcoming atmosphere are all reasons to visit the English south coast resort of Brighton. Over the past few years people involved in the multi layered world of SEO are finding that as well as the above it is well worth paying the town a visit for the Brighton SEO conference which took place this year on 13th April.

Ever keen to stay on the pulse of what is going on in the SEO industry, Teapot Creative sent down Ade Lewis & me to find out what all the fuss was about.

Well, fuss there was and rightly so for this is a conference that started out only a few years ago in a room above a pub in Brighton and is now pulling in over a 1000 delegates from across the UK and Europe with a handful from even further away. The venue reflects the fact that Brighton SEO has grown in size and influence and the room above the pub has been swapped for the Brighton Dome, a gorgeous Regency period building in the heart of the town.

The panel of speakers was pretty impressive too with not one but two of the major search engines (Google & Bing) sending someone along to take part in a  panel discussion with other top SEO people. The day itself consisted of a slick series of presentations & question sessions on a host of topics including; what search bots actually do, content strategy, re-launching a company brand, authorship tips, marketing advice and a range of other stuff.

In my experience, conferences can sometimes become hard work after lunch for the speakers and the delegates but this one dispensed with the status quo.

One of the most original features was the on-stage magician doing a five minute piece before lunch. How he made that paper napkin so small I will never know. On a more serious note, the series of 20×20 lectures (20 slides lasting 20 seconds) which required a cool head and perfect timing kept everyone in the audience on the ball as the afternoon drew to a close. Rapid delivery of condensed information. Not easy to pull off at all.

Can you imagine a conference being held in Brighton that wouldn’t take over an entire bar on the pier, lock the tills shut and fly the free drinks flag until midnight? No? I can’t think of one either. This is needless to say where Ade and I found ourselves post conference, talking, swapping ideas, tips and business cards with some very cool & friendly fellow SEOers.

So there you have it. Ade and I exchanged our HQ deep in the Somerset countryside for the seaside. Two evenings and one day later spent listening, discussing, learning, tweeting, drinking coffee & beer, munching on pizza & fry-ups and we are back in the groove and a week or so on, still in love with Brighton. In this industry it won’t be long before the list of things that make Brighton famous includes SEO. In fact, with the success of this year’s conference we may already be there.

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