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Christmas Charities – UNICEF & School In A Bag

Moustaches, cup cakes, a Rugby World Cup sweepstake, Christmas jumpers and the Teapot Lotto syndicate have been our way of helping charities this year. Each event has given us a cause to rally around and have a bit fun.

At Christmas time for the last couple of years Teapot have decided not to go down the corporate gift path and instead donate an equivalent amount of money to a charity. In past years we’ve chosen one charity to support, usually a local one, but this year we decided to take a local and international approach and support two charities. UNICEF and School In A Bag.

UNICEF have been working tirelessly since its formation in 1946 to support children affected by war and other dire situations such as famine and natural disasters. With the on-going refugee crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean so close to us here in the UK, (not to mention the countless other trouble spots in the world) supporting them with our modest donation felt like the least we could do.

Having already earmarked our cash donation for UNICEF we were therefore stuck as to how we could also lend a hand to Teapot’s new friends down at School In A Bag, the Somerset Business Awards ‘Charity of the Year 2015’. This fantastic charity distributes rucksacks packed with simple but important educational resources (pencils, exercise books, water bottle, pens, ruler, lunchbox etc) to schoolchildren across the developing world. Now in their tenth year they have distributed over 60,000 rucksacks to 17 countries on 3 continents. An extraordinary achievement especially given that it all started with what was supposed to be a one-off project with a school in Swaziland!

After thinking about it for bit, Lizzie hit upon the idea of donating some graphic design time in the New Year. A couple of emails and a phone conversation with Luke Simon the charity CEO and we have arranged to design a new corporate fundraising pack for them when we get back to the grindstone in January. During this same phone call, Felix agreed to join the School In A Bag team for the Yeovil Half Marathon in March. Fancy dress (a giant pencil costume in Felix’s case) and one of the iconic School In A Bag red rucksacks of course!

We’re hoping for another year of tea fuelled creativity here at Teapot Towers. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.


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