If you ever need to look into your performance or are thinking about caching to improve your site speed, you can go to the back office of your site and edit options there.

  1. In the back office, hover over ‘Advanced Parameters’ and click on ‘Performance’.
  2. To clear the cache, you can click the ‘clear clache’ button at the top right.
  3. The next section, you can do a number of things related to caching:
    Template compilation: While developing in your templates, changing these options will allow you to instantly see changes (force compilation will affect load time significantly).
    Cache: Turn all caching on or off.
    Caching type: There is no definitive answer choosing which caching type is better – It depends on the size of your database, its configuration and its optimisation. You are unlikely to notice any difference on small databases.
    Clear cache: (Never clear cache files) If you are doing a lot of modifications, or some bulk actions like a CSV import, this can be a good option.
    (Clear cache every time something has been modified) Does exactly what it says, this clears the cache every time a modification is made.
  4. Optional features can be disabled to speed up your shop.
  5. CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) allows you to reduce the loading time of your page. With these settings you will gain performance without even touching the code of your theme.


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