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Communication and Collaboration

Every great project is, in and of itself, a collaboration. It can only be achieved with partnership, through group participation, and in the flowing exchange of information and ideas. Steve Jobs famously once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Indeed, to achieve a large and complex goal, teamwork is key!

So, what allows us to work as a team? Here at Teapot Creative, we believe it means collaborating in a way that allows the individual skills of each participant to act as a puzzle piece to the whole, with team members communicating both in person, and using innovative information sharing tools to drive the what’s, when’s and how’s that build towards a brilliant end result. Below, we identify some key markers that define this process in its greatest form, helping us to make sure that each essential element is in place.

Flowing Dialogue

Interestingly, on their own quest to understand teamwork better, researchers from Google discovered that groups can innovate faster, spot mistakes and problem solve more efficiently than individuals alone. Their data revealed that the key ingredient that allows the magic to happen within any team is that each team member has the space to be heard. We know from personal experience that each of our projects rely on effective communication. For us, this is achieved through creating a work environment that nurtures the giving and sharing of ideas and knowledge, the coordination and planning of actions, and the space to raise concerns and provide feedback. Click here to learn more about Googles findings!

Effective Collaboration

This flow of information doesn’t only need to move dynamically between members of our team, but between the team and client – and every other party involved too. Strong communication allows relationships between stakeholders, who hold different ideas, expertise and perspectives, to prosper. These relationships, in turn, are more productive and more rewarding to participate in, creating value for everyone. Holding a shared vision along the journey means that everyone can work productively and effectively!

Excellent Resources

The potential to augment our daily lives with technology increases every day, which means exciting opportunities to reinvent the way we work, and deftly deliver the projects which are our passion! In terms of collaboration, this means fantastic resources that make working towards a shared goal more efficient and fun.

Here at Teapot Creative we use Teamwork Projects to simplify collaboration with our stakeholders. This handy project management software allows us to map our strategy and communicate quickly and easily. Internally, Teapot staff use Slack for secure communication and smooth collaboration across teams and projects. Ultimately, effective teamwork means having everyone on the same page, and using shared communications platforms in this way is the perfect route to achieving this.

The Two “C” s

The concepts of communication and collaboration are so intertwined when it comes to delivering collective results, that it can be hard to pinpoint where one ends and the other begins! A quick Google search kicks up some great definitions, with the Business Dictionary offering communication as “the process of reaching mutual understanding”, and defining collaboration as “work(ing) jointly to achieve a common goal”.

Strong communication is a must for productive use of time from each individual. A collaborative mindset sets a scene in which each stakeholder can speak and be heard. The bottom line is that one “C” cannot be fully achieved without the other, and it is at the intersections of the work that we do, the points at which we share needs, goals and ideas, that effective teamwork is propelled towards brilliant outcomes.

Real World Connections

Alongside our love of tech, at Teapot we also strongly believe that good old-fashioned face to face meetings and dialogue are absolutely vital, as is having a relationship with each of our clients built on trust and understanding. The more we grasp what drives you, the better able we are to create perfect solutions that support your future goals. So, we invite you to meet the team, to put faces to names and discuss your vision with us in person. We’ll put the kettle on!

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