b2ap3_thumbnail_Teapots---Jan-14Happy New Year!

For a company known for being tea lovers you would expect us to get through a fair few teabags each week. After number crunching like a rocket scientist I came up with a figure of 130ish. Coffee drinkers (pah!), part-time and work from home team members affect the total so it might not be as impressive as it could be but hey, were only a small team. Barry & Lizzie are the real tea monsters in the studio hence the name of course.

Day – Week – Year…

Anyway, a quick bit of simple multiplication and the 130ish teabags a week works out as over 6700 a year. Throw into this mix the odd banana skin, apple core, orange peel, coffee granules and other bits and pieces and you have quite a bit of waste that is yup you guessed it, biodegradable. 

Special Delivery

For the last 6 months or so the compost heap in Barry’s garden has been receiving a weekly load of green waste direct from Teapot Towers and in doing so not just reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste going into landfill but turning it into something useful for Barry’s garden. A perfect set up if you ask me. 

Green Glow

If you work in a smallish office or company then it really couldn’t be simpler. All you need to get hold of is a counter top compost bin and some little bags and find someone who doesn’t mind taking the bag home to their compost pile each week and your away.

The warm glowing feeling you get for a brief instant every time you put an empty drinks can or piece of paper in the recycling box will come each time you make a cup of tea, a pot of coffee or eat a piece of fruit. 

Change Is Easy

So if you like your tea, proper coffee or just eat a lot of fruit and feel slightly appalled with yourself every time you pop the used teabags in the bin in the office kitchen then do something about it. We did.

See, the point is that if you’re a bit of a green fiend at home then make yourself a green champion at work. 

Getting There

We have a long way to go to be able to class ourselves as a truly green company but it is doing little things like this that add up and ultimately make a difference. Never mistake the importance of small acts when it comes to going green. Imagine if every teabag in Britain was composted after use and not just binned. All 55 billion a year that is….

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