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Crash Course On Branding

A brand is not just a logo. A logo is the brand’s identity yes, but a good brand evokes a feeling, one which the customer base relates to, it’s like having a favourite football team and wearing the shirt or having their crest tattooed on your posterior. It’s why people prefer buying Nike trainers over Asics or the other way around. Ultimately it’s a tribal thing. Think back to when you were a teenager and the clothes that you wore, the music you listened to, the places you used to hang out. Were you a Goth, a Jitter, a Punk or perhaps  a Young Farmer.

Boulevard Breton branding You were aligning yourself to a particular youth culture that you felt fitted you at that time. In adult life we do the same thing but in different ways i.e. do you shop at Asda, Sainsburys or Waitrose? Pepsi or Coca Cola? Mercedes or BMW? Are you a member of the National Trust? Do you eat at McDonalds or Burger King or neither? The brands that you follow, use or align yourself with says a lot about you.

Building a strong brand is therefore a crucial step on the way to growing a successful company.

Your branding conveys a complex message: it needs to tell potential customers who you are; what you offer; show credibility and finally motivate the customer to make that all important order, buy that product or service from you.

In order to achieve this, brands have to work hard on every level and at every point of contact with all of their stakeholders – the customers; the suppliers; the work force and the wider world to help build up that sense of trust. The staff uniform, customer service, returns policy, office environment the way your sales force interacts with customers are just a small selection of what needs to be considered. In this day and age poor customer service received will be whizzed around the world via social media and before you know it the brand is damaged – sometimes irreversibly.

What we do…

We cannot advise on policies, sales patter or help you appoint the right staff members. Teapot, provide the creative drive that positions your brand correctly for the market sector in which your business sits.

When helping companies with branding projects we use the same process for start-ups as we do for SME’s (small to medium enterprises). It’s a multi-stage process but the very first stage is the most important of all as far as we are concerned. To produce a brand that will be successful we have to get to know the client and find out what makes them tick. We need to get to know the business, the sector they operate in and all important is to understand the customer demographic. Creating a brand without this knowledge would be like making a brew without the teabag. It simply wouldn’t work.

What’s Next?

That varies according to the brief – i.e. creating from a blank canvas (from the name all the way up) or if we are revitalising an existing brand which is perhaps changing direction or needing a refresh to keep up with competitors. The creative cogs really begin turning as we start to put ideas down on paper and gradually build the brand story, strategy and voice.

Teapot can help with all aspects of the brand – from the nucleus of the brand identity; writing brand guidelines, graphic materials through to website design and online marketing. We are very experienced at producing great designs that always fulfil the brief on budget and on time, for a wide spectrum of business and diverse customer demographics.

We thrive on helping to make businesses successful through our creative input.

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Even though I’ve been a designer for over 20 years it is still the best job in the world…’ Branding, Graphic Design and Print Specialist. Experienced in dealing with anything from international brands to small businesses.

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