Like with so many things in life it seems that when it comes to sending out Christmas cards there are three groups of people. The first group is simple. They don€™t bother with them. Bah Humbug! The next lot are the ultra-organised bunch that have them written and stamped by the end of September so that they can sit back and smugly watch the final group panic. This lot wait until December is well advanced, freak out then frantically buy the first bumper pack they come across. Their cards just get into the post before or actually on the final delivery day€

If your anything like us here at Teapot Towers then you will be in the final group, determined to send out a card to friends and family come Hell or high water. You just have to. People love getting a Christmas card so the show must go on year after year. If you run a business, then things get even trickier. You will be drawing up a list of clients, associate companies, suppliers… The list goes on and on which of course is part of the problem.

Anyway, we are not here to offer this blog as a gesture of solidarity or a warning of what lies in store but instead to remind you that we do Christmas cards. Yes we send them out but we design our own too (well, Barry & Lizzie design them the rest of us aren€™t quite as clever as they are!) The picture with this blog is the official Teapot Creative card from last year. Now you may think that we are just bragging about how special we are but the good news is that we can design and print cards for you too!

It couldn€™t be more simple. You choose the design or let us do it for you. You select the colour, the style, the size and the message inside. It€™s your card. Don€™t think about it for to long though but get in touch with us and discuss your design with the guys direct and see what we can do for you. All our cards are stylish bespoke creations yet still affordable. There are no minimum order numbers so if you want ten that is ok just as an order of a hundred or more is not a problem.

We ran the Christmas card service last year and it was so popular that we knew instantly we should offer it again this year. How time flies though. As I write this November is preparing to handover to December and you know that that once this happens it isn€™t long before seeing adverts on the telly promoting Christmassy things (every other advert) will engender mild panic rather than grumpy comments about Christmas starting earlier and earlier each year.

Each Christmas we all receive a fair few cards that have been sent to tens of thousands of other homes but we can guarantee that the cards we create are unique designs for each customer. So go on, get in touch with Lizzie and Barry direct to talk about how you want your Christmas cards to look this year. Teapot designs are optional€.

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