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Embracing A New Era For Businesses: The Many Benefits Of Working From Home

Telecommuting has undoubtedly been gaining popularity in recent years; however, it was still far from the norm as we entered 2020. Then came the Covid-19 crisis, throwing an almighty spanner in the works for many businesses – least of which was having to quickly master a work-from-home approach. However, this shift in the status-quo may offer a silver lining among all that Coronavirus chaos. As it turns out, working from home provides an impressive roster of benefits, including the capacity to boost our well-being, increase cost efficiency, and be kind to the planet, all in one go! With that in mind, let’s explore why we think it’s a great idea to make this switch a permanent one, sticking with working from home once the crisis subsides.

Technology Ready For The Challenge

As the world has faced such a difficult time, here at Teapot Creative we have been feeling grateful to have such a diversity of resources available for businesses like ours who are adapting to change. A host of innovative brands have been working on tools that facilitate teams working from home and, in the case of the present pandemic, these have served as a saving grace for many. Our tea-drinking team have depended on the business communication platform Slack, to keep our productivity flowing smoothly. This nifty tool allows us to remotely share space, coordinate projects, share files, make video calls, and collaborate to form ideas – all in one virtual place. We also introduced a new phone system at the Teapot offices that allows calls to be put through to mobiles, so our team members are always only a button-push away, wherever their workstation might be!

Seeing The Best In Your Team

Successful telecommuting pivots on one powerful thing, and that thing is trust! Without sharing an office, staff working from home carry the mantle of trust for their employers. Here at Teapot HQ, we have found that this allowed our creatives to shine in a way that has far exceeded our expectations, with zero dip in productivity, or quality of work. Of course, working from home does require some discipline, and a dose of strategy, so introducing a system and some routine makes all the difference. For our team, this meant making sure that we are all available on Slack during working hours, so that while we are physically remote, we remain connected as a team, working together!

The Advantage Of Touching Base In Person

During time in which isolation has been a must for public safety, staying away from the office has made perfect sense. However, there is a lot to be said for making a collective pilgrimage to Teapot HQ once in a while, once the coast is clear. We are social creatures by nature, and evidence suggests that getting together in person is not only an aid for our creative juices, but vital for our health too. We all need connection!

As we plotted how to balance this with the good stuff that working from home has to offer, Teapot HQ opted for making Mondays and Fridays touch-point days, allowing us to catch up and keep our team bonds strong. For businesses that do not have the option of a regular get-together, video calls, and catching up on things other than work can help to substitute this communal time. Leadership can support their teams by regularly checking in and exploring what resources may elevate the work from home experience to the next level.

A Planet Friendly Kind Of Productivity

While we all grappled with cabin fever, many of us enjoyed watching wildlife taking over city streets, and pollution clearing from air and waterways around the world. UK giant BP has forecasted that the era of fossil fuels is likely coming to an end, predicting that oil demand may never return to pre Covid-19 levels. Part of this positive picture can be attributed to the rise in telecommuting, as our work-related footprints diminish. Working from home means that we can ditch our commutes, and wave goodbye to a substantial chunk of our individual emissions. The Teapot Creative team are certain that this is something we can all get behind!

Keeping More In The Kitty Of Our Personal Resources

Alongside being earth-friendly, spending less of our day travelling means being able to spend more of it doing what we enjoy, and keeping hard-earned money in our pockets to boot! Between savings made on public transport or fuel costs, and reductions in all the other little things we spend on – from eating out during lunch breaks to the extra laundry from outfit changes when we get home from the office, all of these little savings can really add up. Many families find that their childcare needs are lower when working from home. Not to mention the reducing the pennies spent on a dog walker for some! For those who master their work-life balance, telecommuting can be a powerful force for stress reduction too. The key here is in developing strategies that allow us to mentally step away from our work when the day is done, even if we do not step away in person!

The virus may have forced us all to become pioneers in new ways of working, but we now have the option to embrace what we have discovered and allow it to shape a new tomorrow within our working lives. Here at Teapot Creative, we are feeling excited to make working from home an option that the entire team can take advantage of.

Let us know how your business has harnessed the possibilities of a new work from home reality!

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