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Exciting New Mailchimp Features: The Latest Boosts For Your Business

When it comes to email marketing, there is no question that Mailchimp is the global crowned champion. Millions of businesses send billions of emails through this UK and worldwide industry leading platform! What you might not have realized is that whether you’re already a user or a newcomer, Mailchimp is seriously upping its game. Over the last year alone, a bountiful bevvy of new features and enhancements have been added to the platform. If you have not yet got your head around this fresh wave of possibilities, then now is a great time to do so. Read on to discover the latest in how Mailchimp can help you elevate your brand to the next level, with affordable solutions that are scaled to suit any business.

Building Customer Journeys

Mailchimp’s capacity to allow brands to segment their audience and target contacts based on their unique customer journey has been revolutionising the marketing experience of businesses for some time now. Of course, it is not rocket science that offering customers a tailored connection to the brands that they love is going to be win-win for everybody!

Excitingly, Mailchimp recently rolled out yet more shiny new features to make building customer journeys an even smoother process. The new Customer Journey Builder allows you to construct the path of your audience visually, using a handy flow-chart tool. This makes honing your marketing strategy easier than ever. Plus, Mailchimp is now offering an email subject line helper and enhanced landing page retargeting, to help you make the results of your journey creation even more spectacular.

Taking Mailchimp Mobile

These days, we all use our smartphones as a conduit to the things we care about. Knowing this, Mailchimp recently launched an all-new mobile app so you can market on the go. The app is packed with bells and whistles, even including a business card scanner, which means that expanding your network has never been speedier! Mailchimp have also grown their library of mobile-friendly landing page templates and launched Mobile SDK, which is a device oriented developer tool for even greater scope in behaviour tracking.

Doing Right By Developers

Speaking of developers, many businesses turn to Mailchimp experts like Teapot Creative to tap into the platform’s developer-oriented resources. In fact, with Teapot Creative you are in the best possible hands, as we are the very first official UK partner of Mailchimp! Mailchimp APIs facilitate polished transactional emails like password resets or account notifications. By gearing up great resources of developers, Mailchimp have created a new realm of possibilities in terms of how we can help you deliver the marketing and customer care that you dream of.

Enhanced Behavioural Targeting

With each new evolution, Mailchimp’s behavioural targeting becomes all the more sophisticated. By keeping track of the way people interact with both your website and marketing, you can tune in better than ever to your audience’s interests and optimise the messages you direct at them, speaking directly to their needs. So, when a visitor takes an interest in a particular product or category, you can intelligently incentivise them to join your customer base, and when customer makes a purchase, you can automatically show your appreciation!

Optimise Your Overview

Mailchimp provides outstanding value through the insights it affords business owners. To help you digest and act on what you discover about your audience, you can now compare your marketing to the competition’s using campaign benchmarking data. Providing another enhanced visual resource, Mailchimp’s marketing calendar boasts a great new revamp for easier campaign tracking. The platform has also added a new Surveys feature, so you can consult your greatest asset, your customers, as you plot a forward path for business growth.

All-New Pop-Up Forms

Mailchimp’s pop up form just got a whole lot slicker, so your website can too. You can now generate completely customisable pop ups, sculpting layout and fields to provide the best experience yet for your website visitors. Capture the attention of your audience and own your brand message, while connecting with new contacts and keeping your customers in the know. For extra convenience, Mailchimp updates website pop ups for you, so once a pop up is in place, you can change it whenever you want to without touching your site.

Super-Charged Social Media Tools

Mailchimp has now rolled out Organic Social Posting on all plans, so you can create fantastic posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from your Mailchimp dashboard. For businesses subscribed to Mailchimp’s Standard or Premium plans, there are fully automated post scheduling tools too, so your marketing can keep rolling when your attention’s elsewhere. Rounding out this impressive arm of your marketing toolbox, you can also track the performance of your social posts using Mailchimp’s Social Reporting. Talk about an all-in-one resource!

Even More Integrations

Mailchimp is constantly adding to its impressive library of potential integrations. There are now hundreds of possible paths by which Mailchimp can help you bolster your business, from integrating with your eCommerce store to merging other analytics resources into one ultimate data-hub. Recent additions include the means to connect with Calendly, hooking marketing and meetings together, and an all-new Adobe Photoshop integration, helping you to craft and incorporate extraordinary content in fewer steps.

Mailchimp is always on the cutting edge when it comes to digital marketing, and their success comes down to something really simple: alongside offering state-of-the-art marketing tools, they have also created a fun and user-friendly platform filled with scalable solutions to suit every business. If you would like help exploring how Mailchimp’s new features can help you build your brand, contact Teapot Creative’s specialist team today. Our in house Mailchimp masters love nothing more than seeing great marketing pay off for our clients!

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