The countryside in our part of the world is making headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment thanks to the dreadful flooding affecting the Somerset Levels. The whole Teapot team are very conscious of how lucky we are that we’re not having to deal with the challenges many businesses currently face with their premises overtaken by the floods.

The View From The Studio

With the floods only a field away from our base up here on the hill (see photo), we are all too aware of the devastation reeked to homes and businesses alike.

In fact as I sit here writing this the rain is battering the windows and no doubt those of the flooded homes down on the moor.

Plans Are Afoot

Teapot has started concocting a project to help raise money for the flood recovery efforts (watch this space!) yet in the meantime we felt that rather than simply write a blog saying how much we feel for everyone stuck in the frankly miserable situation we should try to do something a bit more constructive.

Offer Support

We have put together a few links below for websites helping the communities on the ground with financial and practical hands-on support. All help is welcomed but it is best to go through the correct channel so as to make sure it is distributed efficiently and effectively.

Here they are…


FLAG or Flooding on the Levels Action Group is the main campaigning organisation and you can find their website here and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Via their Facebook page businesses are offering equipment, waterproof clothing, wellies, food for volunteers or just about anything that will help make life easier for those affected by the floods or the volunteers supporting them. It really does all help!


If you would like to donate directly to the Somerset Community Foundation appeal then click here and you will go straight through to their page. The SCF have been facilitating community philanthropy since 2002 and are experts at dealing with complicated fund raising projects.


Finally, if you have either time or special skills to offer to the volunteer groups working on the ground then the best places to head to register your support are the website and the FLAG Facebook page and pledge your support.


I am sure that any help that you can give would be most gratefully received as the floods themselves are not going anywhere for a long time and nor will the after-effects.

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