Have Your Staff Changed and Do You Need More Help?

There’s no doubt that some of the impacts of Covid-19 have left companies reeling. Things like shifting to working from home and back again, totally re-imagining business models, and having no sense of what’s around the corner have pushed UK entrepreneurs to duck and weave as never before. Conversely, this has come with a great gift, in the form of extra motivation to build resilience into the metaphorical brickwork of our brands.

In recent chats with business owners, from our base here at Teapot HQ, one of the things we’re hearing a lot is that big staff changes have left the average company feeling a little in the air in terms of their day-to-day operation. For some, it’s a little; for others, that’s an understatement!

Now that the dust is beginning to settle, employers are reaching out to us. They’re finding that they need extra support for keeping their website in tip-top shape or training newer team members on how to upload new site content, products, blogs and so on.

If you could use a little extra assistance in order to help your team hit the ground running, then the Teapot Creative team is ready to dive right in. Let’s get this epic post-Covid rebound started in style!

Have the People In Charge Of Your Website Moved On?

If your website’s function is mainly marketing, then it can feel easy to leave the site to its own devices for weeks or even months. If your trusted in-house webmaster has moved on to different pastures, this inclination can leave your virtual presence primed for crisis. Your site appears normal, and all seems good and well, until something breaks! Even for a website that requires minimal maintenance, a check-up from someone in the know is a regular necessity, both in terms of functionality and security.

For those who are used to being at the helm of other areas of the business, its easy not to give website health a first thought, let alone a second. However, storming ahead blindly while your website suffers neglect is a strategy that may backfire. The simple solution is to call in the pros for a booster shot of web support here and there, until you’ve got your webmaster seat firmly filled again.

Is Your Website Software All Up To Date?

Are you running the latest version of WordPress? Are all your plugins and addons the most recent editions? If you’re the type to ignore these kinds of questions, even when the reminder emails keep on rolling in, then you’re certainly not alone. These kinds of logistical issues don’t tend to have a home within the vocabulary of the average entrepreneur or gold-star employee!

Don’t forget that technology evolves at a lightning pace. Keeping the various chunks of super-savvy software that make your website work smoothly up to date is important. Why? Because those updates ensure that all of the elements remain compatible, and far more importantly – that your website remains secure. Keeping hackers out and your customer data locked up tight starts with an updated website!

Does Your Digital Team Need a Refresher?

Because so much of contemporary marketing happens in the virtual realm, digital duties can be pretty diverse. Who deals with your Pay Per Click advertising? Who is keeping your company’s social media feeds vibrant and active? Who is posting stellar blogs to keep your SEO strong, and your audience hooked?

Beyond website maintenance, there are all the sorts of factors that collectively make up the screen-based work of a contemporary brand. If the members of your team who normally keep this show on the road are absent, or simply downright rusty after too much time in lockdown, then rolling out some starter or top-up training to get things back up to speed can help to maintain that all-important marketing momentum.

Building Backup Plans for Extra Resilience

If the online elements of your brilliant business have taken a knock over the course of the pandemic, then ask yourself this: how can you safeguard against the next bump in the road? Cranking up the resilience and building some shock-proof backup plans has never seemed so prudent. So, what are your company’s digital pinch points?

Here at Teapot, we always recommend that our clients ensure that more than one person on their team knows how to jump in and edit their site. If you want to make sure that a core group of your team know their way around your website’s backend, then we can certainly help with that. Whatever you need today to bounce back and excel within the post-Covid landscape, we’re always ready to listen and advise.

Contact the friendly Teapot team today to learn more about how we can assist!

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