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Horseshoes And Handprints – Our Christmas Charity

Teapot drew a line under corporate festive gifts a few years ago now and made the decision to set aside the money that we would have spent on bottles of wine and the like to donate to a worthy charity.

Christmas Giving

The first year we donated our time to Taunton Opportunity Group to build them a new website and identity and last year a donation was made to the Philippines Typhoon Disaster fund. This year we have decided to once again support a local charity doing incredible work with children in our area and so we chose Horseshoes and Handprints.

Horses & Humans Helping

This remarkable charity offers sensory therapy to children and young adults with disabilities, by using a range of techniques with horses and nature at the centre of it all.

They’re based just down the road from us at Stocklinch where the team provides a vital resource for families and schools to bring their dependents along for a session full of stimulation, learning and happiness in a peaceful rural setting.

Our Visit

We were kindly invited to the stables to present them with our Christmas donation last week, have a guided tour and meet the team, the horses and some of the families that use the facilities.

Everyone made us feel very welcome. They talked us through the services they provide and how they help as well chatting about the team’s achievements and their aspirations. It is simply astounding that such a wonderful charity is right here on our doorstep in beautiful South Somerset!

Whilst there, we were privileged to witness, at first hand, the team at work with an extraordinary little girl. Right from the off we could see how excited she was as she was prepared for her riding session and donned her riding hat. We then went down to the yard to find Del, her steed for the day. Del was a gentle giant and as soon as the girl sat on the specially fashioned saddle with her companion rider she signed to go faster.

Speedy Gonzalez!

Battling against the bitter December wind, we followed them down to the field to watch and as the speed at which she and Del were travelling picked up, her smiles grew wider and wider. The team here put families and children at ease to the point that after a few minutes mum was able to slip away to the office for some well deserved shut eye.

Whilst watching we had a chance to chat to the staff and ask them how it feels to work with the children and their families. They said they do it because they love it and the changes and benefits they can see in the children in just a few sessions are amazing.

Green Therapy

Before heading off we were shown around the wood that the team is currently transforming into a special sensory space complete with a den and of course, plenty of trees for the children to come and climb!

The overall aim is to create a safe yet exciting environment for the children where there are no “no’s”; where they are given choices and are not restrained in what they are doing as long as they are having fun and all outdoors in a natural space.

Lend A Hand

We are so pleased that by making this Christmas donation we’ve been able to help Horseshoes & Handprints to continue their outstanding worK. They deserve more support and recognition for the important work that they are doing, so spread the word far and wide!

Connect & Find Out More…

If you’d like to find out more about them then you can either visit their website, find them on Facebook, Twitter or simply watch this short video made by ITV News back in the Summer following their visit to the stables. We promise you it’s the best video you’ll see today. Guaranteed.

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