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How to create good content for your shop’s product descriptions

Creating interesting and informative category and product descriptions should be a priority for all PrestaShop online stores. Not only will Google and other search engines rank your pages higher but visitors who stick around to read all the information you offer will be more likely to turn into paying customers. While, depending on the sheer number and complexity of your products, this can be a very time-consuming process, in the end it’s very well worth it, not just for SEO but also for building customer trust. Below you will find a few tips on how to write good product descriptions and how to improve the ones you already have in your store.

Don’t copy copy!

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when it comes to written content is duplicating text from other websites. If your site has a majority or the entirety of the content copied, recycled or stolen from other sources it will probably never take off as your results will always be well below the original pages. Those pages have been there for much longer and are considered by the search engines as the originators or the authority. Your results will never climb in the rankings and your pages will be condemned to obscurity. What’s worse, in case of rampant copying, you run the risk of having your website penalized by Google and your pages removed entirely from search results. At the same time, visitors who are comparing products from several online stores might disregard your website as a copy-cat and quickly leave. Original content is vital if you want to stand out from the crowd. Search engines reward it and readers love it. More importantly, investing in quality content has long-term rewards as high-ranking pages will continue to bring visitors and buyers to your store.

Don’t rush it.

In order to save time, many shop owners resort to either just duplicating the product title in the description field or adding a bare minimum of information. Search engines will interpret this as the page having little to no value and rank it accordingly. If you do get visitors, the lack of information will likely turn them away, sending them looking for other websites where the information they need is available (and making them purchase from there). The importance of detailed descriptions cannot be overstated so don’t rush through this process to save time, this is something which will need to be done eventually if you want your business to thrive.

Know your audience.

Put yourself in the place of your average customer and try to imagine the query they would type into the search box when they are looking for information concerning your products. Then, start writing your description as way to answer those queries. When people make searches online they are looking for answers and information. Providing these will keep them on your website (and also on your good side). Make sure the text is easy to follow and looks “natural”. Don’t stuff it with repeated, out-of place keywords hoping that Google will rank your page higher this way. Search engines are smarter than that (and people hate it when they see it).

Highlight the benefits.

Once you got the search engines to list your pages and you caught the attention of viewers and would-be buyers, it’s time to start selling the product. While general information is very valuable, showcasing the benefits of your products is very important if you want to increase sales and if you want customers to choose you instead of similar options available to them online. Everyone loves a good list, so whether it’s numbered or bulleted, offering one to your customers will make it easy for them to get an overview about how much better your products are compared to your competition.

Make it fun and creative!

While this can’t be applied to all product categories (it can be a bit hard to make standard office supplies “fun” while still being professional about them) there are several types of products which benefit greatly from having lighthearted descriptions. Toys, gifts, creative decorations, original art and even fashion items become more attractive if the images are accompanied by a short, fun read on the product page.

Give instructions and examples.

If your products are a bit more “niche”, make sure to offer basic instructions as well as examples about usage. While you may have dedicated “How-to” pages with this information or your category description contains it, some clients will land directly on the product page and miss it. Not having this information readily available can be frustrating to some and making your visitors dig through your website (or worse, search somewhere else) is a sure way to make them lose interest.

Create rich descriptions using images and videos.

As descriptions get longer, there is an increased risk that people may be scared by a “giant wall of text” and ignore it. You should always use paragraphs and headings to break up the content and make it more readable but you can also use images and video for this. When adding images, make sure that you are not repeating the same pictures from the dedicated area of the product page. Also, make sure the images are optimized so that adding them will not increase the load-time. If there is important information that is better and more efficiently presented as an image or a graph, it’s always a good idea to use that instead. Just think about how useful a clothing size chart is when you’re shopping from a country where they use different measurements. Videos can also be a great way to make descriptions engaging and informative, especially for products which benefit from having instructions and examples shown. If you find yourself unable to embed videos in your descriptions, make sure that your PrestaShop store allows iframes in HTML. You can check this in “Preferences” -> “General” in 1.6 and “Shop Parameters” -> “General” in PrestaShop 1.7.

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