How We Build Your Website: A Process Rundown From Start To Finish and Beyond

Creating a website that will present your brand to the world is a big deal. That is why we want you to have a sense of how this shared journey is going to go. You might have a clear idea of the kind of website you want in your mind, or you may not be totally sure where to begin! That’s where our in-house team of experts step in – ready to guide you through every step of the website building process.

Our talented creators will help you clarify your virtual vision before bringing it to life, harnessing the super-powers of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. They will use their expertise to strike the perfect balance between form and function, delivering a site that is a pleasure to use and ready to yield real results! Read on to discover more about our website building process.

1. Grab a cuppa for our initial meeting

A website is a very personal thing, which is why it’s so important that we get to know the brand, and all importantly, the people behind it. At this stage, our goal is to get acquainted and build out a full picture of your aspirations, what you want your website to achieve, and your brand’s unique personality.

Together, we will delve into all of the possibilities that go with manifesting your dream website. Is it going to be an epic information hub, a show-stopping portfolio site, or an irresistible eCommerce destination? Are you looking for a professional edge in logo design or branding, or tantalising content that will have your readers hooked? We can fine tune the details and start to shape a solution that complements your goals and budget beautifully. The better we get to know you and the more fully we understand your needs, the more fluid our collaboration will become. With your mission understood, our fantastic team of developers and designers will have a strong sense of the scope of your project and be primed to get to work. So, let’s grab a cuppa and get talking!

2. Time for creativity in design collaboration

Fantastic web design means creating an experience that is not easily forgotten. The best resource for making that happen is our imaginations, and as we dive into design collaboration, the fun part really begins! Depending on any design elements that you already have established, the Teapot team will guide you through how to create a big impression with stylish visuals, eye-catching fonts, and impactive calls to action.

To inform the design process, we will familiarise ourselves with your business, your market, and your audience. Reaching into the toolkit, we will pull out all the stops with competitor analysis and customer persona development. From there, it’s time to conceptualise the audience journey that your website will provide and envision all the detail that will make it unforgettable.

3. Over to us for the development stages

Now our digital artists get to work, transforming that vision into a functional reality. Watch as we get your domain, hosting, and email up and running in a jiffy. While your website will not be live just yet, the construction process will have begun behind the curtains. This is the moment in which your site’s structure and navigation are breathed into existence before the various design elements and page content are added to make your website complete.

This is also the time for your SEO strategy to be implemented. By building the right resources into your site from the ground up, the Teapot team will ensure that your audience will be able to find you, and that you will be able to monitor and understand how users interact with your site – continually spotting opportunities to enhance your online presence even further.

4. Hitting the perfect note with website testing

A website is a complicated thing, and in all honesty, us humans are pretty complicated too. Through deep-dive website testing, we can make sure that your site is a pleasure to interact with. Using a combination of people-power and digital resources, we will sniff out and polish any elements that are not yet on-point. When it comes to the customer experience, smooth sailing is the goal!

The testing stage also means checking that your website is ready to rock on all sorts of screen sizes, from desktops to iPhones, as well as looking slick across different web browsers. We will dry run contact forms, checkout flow, cross-page navigation, and more, to make sure all is operating exactly as it should be.

5. Grab your glass of bubbly for going live

For us tea-drinking techy types, few things are more exciting than the launch of a brand-new website. When the shiny new site in question is yours, we are willing to bet you will share that thrill with us! It is important to know that there is a little more to this moment than the click of a button. This is the time to execute a stellar communication strategy, and possibly roll out some top-notch digital marketing too. Your fresh online presence should get the attention it deserves.

Launch day is always cause for celebration, but also keep in mind that there may be a few more tweaks to make. Our team will carefully monitor how your site is performing from the get-go to ensure that it is fulfilling its potential. We offer a two-week snagging period in which we aim to catch any potential problems and resolve them immediately. In this time almost all issues are caught and sorted out free of charge. Of course, while we are busy doing that, you can pop that cork and grab some glasses!

6. Teapot have your back with a spectrum of support options

The wonder of the web is that it is always growing and evolving. This means that there are always new possibilities on the horizon in terms of what we can achieve, but also that we must be on the ball when it comes to maintenance. We know that not everyone who owns a website has the time to do upkeep themselves, so we offer a comprehensive array of stellar support solutions.

Of course, not all website maintenance is reactive. Sometimes, having the expertise of the Teapot team on hand can mean tapping into periodic user testing, adding new content and features, or refining your brand strategy. Whatever you need, we have got your back. Just let us know, and we will be ready to chuck the kettle on.

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