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Optimising Images – Tutorial 4 – File Optimizer for Windows

Using FileOptimizer for Windows is no more complex than MacOS, that is to say it is very easy. There’s a small number of steps that can be done by anyone, regardless of Computer knowledge

The first step: Downloading FileOptimizer.

Image Optim is a simple tool that is used to quickly and efficiently optimise images on any platform for use on webpages that require as little file size as possible. This bit of software is 100% free, and can be found on the website here:

All you need to do to download it is click the download button on the front page of this site, and it should direct you to a page with FileOptimizer download links on it.


The second step: Installing and Opening FileOptimizer.

Installing FileOptimizer is possibly the easiest step on this entire list, as it simply involves double clicking on the file you downloaded.


Step Three: Opening the images you would like to optimise.

This step involves going to the program you just opened and using the file menu in the top left corner. The first option should be “Add Files”.

If you don’t see this option, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Shift + Insert” to open the same dialogue. Once you open this window, you need to find the files you wish to optimise in your computer. Select them all and hit the enter key, this should close that window.

Step Four: Hitting Optimise!

The fourth step is very simple: you just need to use the optimise menu on the top bar of the program. Then, you hit Optimize all files.

This will automatically save any files to the location they were put into the program from and it can shave a large chunk of file size off of the file.


That’s all there is to it! File Optimizer is a very simple tool that is very useful for any website maker as it can reduce file sizes considerably. This reduces load times and some other factors that can save the website owner a lot of money and headaches!


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