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An Introduction to the Teamwork System

Keeping track of important emails and files can be quite painful, especially when operating within a business! That is why, to make both ours and our clients’ lives easier, we use Teamwork.

Teamwork is a project management software which we use to message clients and store files related to their project. These messages and files are kept, even after the project have been shut down, making anything discussed during the build easy to find and reference! It is very straightforward for clients to hop on to Teamwork and send us a message, it will end up straight in our inbox to get back to you as soon as possible.
As well as these other benefits, Teamwork’s interface is simple and client-friendly to suit everybody of any skill level!

So if you have access to a Teamwork project and are confused about using anything, that is what this blog is for!

Accessing Teamwork

Teapot Creative will start by setting up your Teamwork Project and give access to however many people requested. Once we have set the project up and running, whoever has been assigned as a user for this project will receive an email. This email will contain multiple important aspects, from the basic text explaining what Teamwork is, to our Privacy Policy and Data Collection Form. It is definitely worth reading thoroughly!

Here is a snapshot of what the email will look like. If you scroll to the bottom of this email, you’ll see the green ‘Get Started’ button. This will open a new window for Teamwork.

In the new window, you’ll be prompted to set a new password.
The password should be something memorable as only you will have access to this. Once you are happy with the password, click Continue.

You will now be taken to the Dashboard of Teamwork. The dashboard contains a basic overview of what Projects you have access to, links to customise your profile further, webinars that you might be interested and more. It’s always an advantage of knowing your way around Teamwork, so if you have some spare time, then this is definitely worth checking out!

You can view your project, messages, files and links by going 1 of 2 ways. The first is to click the project name on the left-hand side, in this example, ours is called Teamwork Introduction Blog. Or if you prefer, you could click View Projects in the first slide shown to you. These have all been circled below.

Once clicked into your project, you will be greeted with the project overview. This page looks pretty bare to start with, however, once you start using Teamwork, adding messages, uploading files, etc… this will start to fill out. If you look at the top of your Project, you will see the different areas that you can access. Including “Overview”, “Messages”, “Files” and “Links” tabs.

Adding Messages

If you want to add a new message to the project, so we click the tab “Messages”.

There may, or may not, be messages in this area already. We tend to send out our Data Collection Form almost straight away as a message on Teamwork so you might find one already there. To create a message, you can either click the big green button in the middle of the page titled “Create the First Message” or click the slightly smaller green button at the top right which is titled “Add a Message”. The “Create the First Message” button will only exist if there are currently no messages on the project. Each button does exactly the same, so it is down to personal preference!

You should now be in the area to fill out the content in your message. Creating a new message on Teamwork is almost exactly the same as sending an email to us via your email client. You fill out the subject of the message, followed by the email content itself and then select who you would like to send it to, easy!
You can also attach multiple files if you need to, by either dragging and dropping your files directly onto the message or, by clicking “Attach a File” to bring up a friendly interface and manually select the files.

Now that you’ve finished adding all of your text and attachments to the message, you need to select some recipients to send the email to. Just below your message body there is a box titled “Who should be notified”, click “Select People” and a box containing everyone on your project will pop up (please do not select all of us as we won’t all be involved in your project). If you have been in touch with people on Teamwork previously then please select these people to contact, otherwise, if it is a completely new message then you’ll need to select people based off of your project.

If your project is Prestashop, then please select Paul Savill.
If your project is WordPress, then please choose Nick Shaw.
Otherwise, if you aren’t quite sure who to specify then select Barry T. or Lizzie G.

We’ll reply to you as soon as possible!

All you’ll have to do now is click “Post Message” to send it to us. That’s the basics regarding sending a message. To view all of your messages on the project, simply click the “Messages” tab, as we did earlier, and your last one will be at the top. You can go back into any of your old messages and add new replies or create new ones altogether by following the same methods earlier.

Adding Files

Next up is adding files to Teamwork. This could be any images you have, PDF documents, etc… Start by clicking the “Files” tab at the top which will take you to the Files overview page. You can either add a new file by clicking “Add the First File” if this page is empty, or by clicking “Upload Files” at the top right. This, again, is down to your personal preference.

Once you’ve clicked one of these buttons, a popup box will appear containing a blue button which says “Add Files”. Click on this to select files from your computer to upload to the project. You can select multiple files in one upload to save you time too! In this example, I have used the Teapot Creative logo and a graphic for one of our Blogs.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve set some recipients too so we get notified that files have been uploaded. You can do this by following the same guidelines as the adding recipients to messages, mentioned above.

Now you’ve finished adding the files and recipients, select “Upload These Files”. Your chosen files will then be shared onto the Teamwork project for all of us to see and use for the future!

Adding Links

Last, but not least, is the Links tab. This tab is used to specify links / URLs for future reference if they might be needed. An example might be your Facebook or Twitter pages, you could add these here so we have quick and easy access to them when linking them on your site.

To add a new link click “Add a Link” in the top right. Fill out the title with something easy to reference and understand. In the example below, we’ll use Teapot’s Facebook Page. I have filled out the title with “Teapot Creative Facebook” and in the Link box, I have pasted in the URL. Once done, hit “Add Link” and it’s as easy as that, the link has been added for everyone to see.

We hope this provides you with a good insight into how to use Teamwork and the benefits that come along with it.

If you are really struggling to use Teamwork, do feel free to pop us an email.

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