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Is Your Small Business Ready For A Website?

Deciding to take the plunge and open up a website is a big step for a small business. I often hear people say that they don’t need a website as their business ticks along nicely as it is. It therefore made me think what can you gain from having a website. Read on and who knows perhaps it might change your mind…

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Your Competitors Have One

Simple as that. You want to stay in the race and therefore if your competitors have invested in a website then that is a good reason to go down the same route. If you’re a small business competing in a crowded market then don’t let your rivals take the business you’re both chasing just because a customer can’t find anything about your company online other than perhaps your directory listings whilst you’re arch rival is more visible thanks to their website.

Your Competitors DON’T Have One

The flipside to my previous point. If you’re struggling against tough competition then show your customers exactly why your business is the one to spend their money with rather than the other ones. It doesn’t have to be a flash site but you can increase your reach and marketing strength whilst your competitors remain in the dark online.

The hosting company Go Daddy carried out research in 2015 that found that over 60% of small businesses worldwide (7 country sample including the USA, Canada and the UK) with 5 employees or less do not have a website. Therefore if you’re running a business and you have a website then you’re effectively in a minority. Capitalise on this!

Open For Business 24/7

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar offices or shops, websites never knock off or shut up for the weekend. You can take orders or enquiries via a contact form at 10pm on a Sunday evening just as easily as you could at 10am on a Monday morning.

If you’ve ever done a spot of online shopping whilst watching the telly with a glass of wine in the evening then you’ve experienced how convenient the online revolution can be. It doesn’t have to be everyone else getting a slice of the action though. You can too.

The Online Brochure

Have you ever heard someone say, “Take a look at my website. You’ll find out everything you need to know on there”? The chances are they’re not being lazy but merely trying to make life easier for you.

A website is essentially an online brochure, photo gallery and newsletter all rolled into one. Add into this room for testimonials, frequently asked questions and a contact form and you’ve got pretty much everything a prospective customer could want to find out about you or your business.

Handle Enquiries Better

Since the dawn of the age of catalogues and mail order back in the 1800s, people have been quite happy dealing with businesses remotely when it comes to ordering goods or services. Ecommerce websites operate on much the same basis in that it’s more than likely you’ll never meet your customers face to face but may deal with them entirely online.

There are various options to allow people to get in touch with you via the website – social media platforms, by email, through a contact form or by telephone. Keep your customers happy just as you would in a face-to-face situation with a polite, friendly, helpful approach to each situation”Hello World”

Currently over 3 billion people have access to the Internet. Having a website gives you access to them or rather they’ll have access to you and your business. We’re not saying of course that you’ll get enquiries and business coming in necessarily from around the world but if you did want to trade internationally or promote yourself far and wide then you can. It has quite simply never been easier or possible for that matter, to connect with so many people or potential customers.

£ Online £

When did you last buy or order something online? Probably fairly recently as people in the UK love buying goods and services online. Whether it’s booking a holiday, buying a new pair of shoes or ordering something as mundane as a new plug for your kitchen sink, as I’ve already mentioned, people are likely to want to do it online from the comfort of their kitchen table or favourite arm chair.

According to the Centre for Retail Research the UK topped the European table for online retail sales in 2015 with £52.25 billion – itself an increase of 16.2% on the previous year. By having an ecommerce site that you can manage yourself means that you can have for yourself a slice of the action.


A website is a tried and tested way to establish between a business and it’s customers. A well designed site shows that you’re a transparent business with a public face open to scrutiny.

As consumers get more and more used to carrying out background research before they commit their cash. This might be just reading the ‘About Us’ page of a website to find out more on the company background but there is little doubt that even a simple yet well designed and regularly updated website is an effective way of establishing that bond of trust with either existing or potential future customers.

Join The Digital Revolution

The Internet has transformed the way people interact with businesses and vice versa. The changes are far from over of course. Having a website is only one of the ways that you can begin to have a prescence in the online world but it is a fundamental step that if handled correctly can improve sales, connect you with people worldwide and fundamentally transform your marketing abilities.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the type of websites we’ve built for our clients over the past few years then take a look at the Teapot Creative portfolio or get in touch for a chat. We can give you the low down on the cost of a site design, build and our optional support package. All our sites are built using the latest software and techniques and are mobile friendly as standard. Brochure or ecommerce we can build them.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.


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