554332_353972254657935_147454235309739_881300_729350761_nWell the Teapot Alternatives are going well. We now have a fuel station in the shape of a Teapot where you can re-fuel both the car and yourself. Check out our Facebook album to view the pic. We will of course keep adding to this album.

When you are sat in front of your Mac all day, there is a need to get up every now and again to stretch your legs, rest your eyes and of course make the tea. With this clock that has been sent in by TQ Exel it tells you when its teatime which is basically every hour on the hour which is pretty much how we view our tea breaks.

There must be more alternative uses for either a physical teapot or indeed the teapot image. Keep them coming we are loving it. Send them via email, post them to our Facebookwall or Tweet us.

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