Just Like Driving A Car: Why Your Website Needs a Regular Tune Up

Anyone who loves to drive knows the satisfaction of getting behind the wheel of a car that’s in peak condition. The ride is smooth and the handling responsive. The car is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

To keep that vehicle in top shape, we all know that we need to get it serviced regularly, changing the filters and sometimes fitting a new part when the old one gets tired. Taking great care of your ride will help it retain its value and performance in the long run. In contrast, neglecting that vehicle will inevitably end in a failed MOT, a breakdown, or even the need to scrap it all together!

Just like that car, your website also needs regular maintenance and the odd replaced part or recalibration. It might seem strange to imagine that a virtual site needs a tune up from web support, but technology evolves quickly, and the components that make up a website tend to become obsolete just as fast as your smart phone!

The great news is that well designed websites are created with long term maintenance in mind. There’s no reason why your site shouldn’t keep running smoothly or navigate as responsively as the day it first hit the road. However, just like a car, upkeep is a must, and neglect can leave you soaking up greater expense and even risk for your business in the long run. Ready to learn more? Let’s get you up to speed on the need-to-know facts relating to website maintenance!

Safeguarding Your Business by Keeping Security up to Date

When we meander around on the web, perhaps indulging in some online retail therapy -there is nothing obvious to suggest that a complicated array of smart software is keeping us and our data secure. However, when we lift the hood, we find that all sorts of components are cleverly working together in unison to keep our browsing experience safe. Without a doubt, the number one reason why website maintenance is a must is security.

When website components fall into obsolescence, they can create vulnerabilities that allow hackers to crash websites or steal precious customer data. When you enlist the help of web support to stay on top of maintaining your website, they will ensure that the latest software patches and security updates are always armed and manning the defences.

Optimising Your Audience’s Experience

When website maintenance falls by the wayside, eventually things are going to get clunky. Aspects of your site are likely to break, and your sales are going to suffer. In contrast, when the mechanics are periodically called in, they can ensure that everything is well oiled and polished and even help you ensure that your site is constantly populated with fresh and informative content to reignite your audience’s interest in your brand.

While they are in there, web support can check out your analytics, scan for undetected issues, and spotlight opportunities for you to make your digital presence even more effective. Just as technology evolves, so too do the most successful businesses. As your customers wants and needs evolve, a great web support team can help you to stay one step ahead of your competition at all times.

Bringing More Traffic To Your Website

If you have a website, you will no doubt have encountered the term SEO, or search engine optimisation, along the course of your journey. What you may not know is that search engines like Google favour websites that are updated regularly. When your site is populated with eye-catching blogs or promotions, has no broken links to be found, and has a spic and span page structure that meets current visitor’s needs, it will be rewarded with greater visibility in search results.

Web Support Have Your Back – So You Can Focus On Your Business

Some website owners take on at least some of their site maintenance for themselves. If you’re technically minded, this can be a positive part of the online aspect of modern entrepreneurship. However, for those whose time is spread thinly, (or those who simply know that they will in all likelihood forget to stay on top of tune ups), trusting web support to stay on top of the whole show can give immense peace of mind.

You won’t need to worry about missing those all-important domain name renewal reminders, or fret about the security of all of the credit card information stored in your website’s databases, because the MOT is already scheduled and the central locking is engaged! Instead, you can focus on serving all of those fantastic, converted customers that started out as new website traffic, and taking your business from strength to strength.

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