Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Hosting For Your Website

These days, a fantastic website is an indispensable asset for just about every company. Today’s consumers carry the world in their pockets, and squeeze Google to track down their hearts’ desires. This means that as you prepare to launch your own brand’s all-important online presence, you’ll want to feel certain that you’ve put it in safe hands. Picking the right website host is a game changer.

But, how to choose a web host for your business? There are a ton of hosting companies out there, all doing the razzle-dazzle to convince you that their hosting plan is the one for the job. So, how do you know if that’s the case? Below, we give you the low down on the key things to sniff out when shopping for website hosting. Follow these tips and start off on the right foot!

A Stellar Reputation

Websites are complicated creatures, requiring both physical hardware and sophisticated software to keep them on the road. While you might buy a beach-ball from a company you know nothing about, you’re probably a bit choosier when it comes to investing in something complex like a car or a computer. Within the realm of website hosting, dependability is just as crucial, so opting for a hosting provider with an established professional reputation is always a great call.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Whether you need to upgrade your hosting or get a speedy answer to a burning question, you should always be able to connect with your host company. For businesses, time is money, and so any decent hosting company will have your back whenever you need them to. If a hosting provider is going to leave you going round in circles in their FAQ when what you really need is a human being, they are certainly not the host for you.

Up Time Masters

One of the elements of any hosts strong reputation is their track record for up time. You might well be wondering, what exactly does this mean? Well, you will want to feel certain that whenever someone types in your website address, or clicks on a link to get to it, that the site is ready and waiting for them! Occasionally, sites may go offline momentarily as an update runs, but long stints of down time can do major harm to your bottom line. Would-be customers that can’t find your site aren’t likely to try twice. Teapot Creative’s hosting service guarantees 99.9% up time per calendar month – anything less is simply not competitive!

Storage Solutions

Every website’s storage requirement will be a little different. For example, a clean and stylish portfolio site may not require a boat load of storage, while a vast eCommerce site with thousands of products may be more in the market for a ship load! It’s important to consider your storage needs ahead of time, so that you don’t get stung by limiting ceilings or painful penalty charges. The best host providers will offer a range of different hosting plans, so you can tailor your choice to your needs.

Bad-ass Bandwidth

If yours is a small business with a select few clients, you probably don’t need to worry too much about your site getting overloaded. If, however, you’ve got big ambitions and anticipate a whole lot of visitors and a whole load of data flying around in the future, then now is the time to factor that in. You won’t be happy if the bandwidth provided with your hosting plan, as well as any monthly traffic caps, slows you down later, just as you find your stride.

Swift and Speedy

The modern internet user has a short attention span, and slow-to-load sites just don’t cut the mustard. A cheap hosting provider might seem like a super-bargain, but that deal may lose its appeal when your bounce-rate goes through the roof due to poor loading speeds. A great host provider should be able to offer the RAM required to keep your site slick and be able to direct you towards other great resources – such as image optimisation and analytics that can help you hold your visitor’s attention.

Strong on Security

Whether you handle eCommerce payments or simply collect email addresses for your newsletter, the data you store on your website is sacred. This makes choosing a host who takes security seriously is a must. Equally, a great host will be able to advise and help you navigate through the various security considerations that are relevant to your brand. The more on-point you are in this area, the more trusting a rapport you can build with your customers.

Big on Backups

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you’re tinkering about on your website. Low and behold, you just deleted your entire blog back-catalogue! Or perhaps, in an equally unfortunate scenario, you just updated a plugin, and now your site’s gone all wonky. That complexity we mentioned earlier means that websites sometimes break. If anything does go wrong, you’re going to want to know that your site is backed up. With a host provider that performs backups automatically, you can simply roll things back in a crisis – no sweat, no harm, no fuss.

User-friendly Interface

Contemporary host providers tend to do their utmost to make it easy for you to get a site up and running. You should be able to expect to navigate through your setup process with simple intuition and will most likely want WordPress or Prestashop pre-loaded and ready to roll. Check out what peripheral services are also on offer, and what resources are available – such as handy how-to guides and timely update prompts. Make sure you go with a host provider who will give you the tools you need to hit the ground running.

Superhero Scalability

We have explored trying to identify what your needs are today but, without a crystal ball, it’s not always clear what your business might require tomorrow. Choosing a host that offers an array of scalability options via different plans can make sure you’re covered for the future. Whether you branch out your business model or take over the world with your epic product concept, you will be ready to grow without any major upheaval.

Are you feeling a bit more clued up on how to choose a web host for your business? You might not know that alongside award-winning web design and digital marketing, Teapot Creative provide awesome website hosting too. And we get hosting – because our passion is taking a multi-faceted approach to making sure that all things digital shine. If you are eager to launch, why not contact the Teapot team today to discover which of our hosting plans will carry your brand to the stars!

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