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Spotlight on Level Up South West

Graeme Crosbie from Level Up South West has been Teapot Creative’s business mentor for the best part of a decade. We see him every month for a ‘business therapy session’. It enables us to look into the future and hopefully spot any problems before they arise and deal with any issues we may have at that time. Not to mention scrutinising our finances and meticulous business planning.

So, we would have been offended if he hadn’t come to us for his new websites! Because we know his business and how he operates, this was a very enjoyable project. He had a solid brand already so it simply meant applying it to two websites and some new marketing literature.

Here Graeme talks about Level Up South West….

Level Up provides business support and leadership development for independent businesses and professional organisations across the West Country.  I founded Level Up in 2016, initially as a licensed franchisee of a global coaching business, but now we have operated entirely independently since 2011.  Our work really centres on giving business owners the tools, support, encouragement and accountability to achieve their growth ambition. 

In its simplest form, what that means is a business which is currently at Point A wants to grow and develop to Point B.   I help the business define precisely what that Point B is, establish what makes up Point A, and work out the roadmap which is going to take them from A to B.   Through regular coaching and training, I then support them along that journey, thereby strengthening their businesses and strengthening them as leaders.

The challenge for me in marketing terms has always been that this means very different things to each individual business and business leader.  Every business has a different Point A and a unique Point B, depending on the owner’s ambition.  What is stopping that business getting off Point A is also unique to that business and that business owner.  The knowledge and skill of the leadership and management team within each business is also different, and so the support and training  needed is also unique to that business.

One of the key drivers for me to redevelop our website was in some way to simplify what at times can appear to be a bewilderingly fluid offer.   I wanted the site visitor to be able to identify themselves and identify what they perceived their current problems and challenges to be.  Through that, they are then presented with a choice of potential programmes which could address their issues, and which can then form the starting point for dialogue.  Using detailed testimonials from clients, they can start to see how – while accepting their situation is unique – their problems and challenges are not.  Being a business owner or leader can be a lonely place at times, and accessing the right level of support and building a network of like-minded people outside the business is an excellent way of pushing on to that next level.

That is very much the message I wanted to convey through our website, and with Teapot Creative’s help, support and talent, I feel we have made great strides towards achieving that.

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