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Lizzie On Logos… CASE STUDY # 2

In the age of computer led design, sometimes its good for us Graphic Designers to get our hands dirty and take things back a step or two. It doesn’t happen often though that we are lucky enough to have a piece of work that calls for this approach.

North Star Timber Frames logo was just that sort or project. The buildings they design and construct use hand cut rough oak and it was clear from the outset that the artwork needed to reflect this natural feel.

North-Star-4How Did I Do It?

Out came the lino – and not without incident! I managed to stab the cutter into the base of my thumb. You know, the really bony bit that hurts and bleeds like mad. I suppose real art always comes at a price…

It was worth the blood and Barry’s tears (of laughter) however for the desired effect was achieved and once the lino print was scanned in and then illustrated to become a vector logo it started to take shape.

This crafted logo combined with some really beautiful photos of the buildings represents the companies values and identity. You can also find the logo on their website –, on the company’s postcards and as a smaller stamp on their business card design.

Want More?

The first blog in this series all about how we create logos can be found here. In this one we take a look at lingerie company Avariella’s logo through the medium of a commentary lead video.

Do let us know what you think about either of these logos – we always love to get our readers feedback.



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