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Building relationships

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for building relationships with your customers and promoting your services, products and much more.

If you’ve tried using email marketing services before and have struggled to get a ROI, or you’re finding the recent GDPR regulations having a negative effect on your subscribers, fear not – email marketing is still a very powerful tool!

Here at Teapot Creative, we’re incredibly proud to be the UK’s first official Mailchimp partner – It’s a platform that we really love working with, and being the largest email marketing platform in the world (with a 61% of the market share in the UK) it’s a provider that not only has all the features you’ll need, but it’s able to scale with your business growth too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to email marketing or a seasoned campaigner – our range of Mailchimp services below will help you get the most out of your list and the best content for your subscribers.

We can help if…

…your marketing list has been hit by GDPR regulations

…you need to directly target your existing customers

…you are struggling to come up with content

…you want to know more about Mailchimp’s capabilities

Newsletter Design and Build

Mailchimp newsletter design and build is where Teapot excel – the templates we design are always on-brand and engaging for your audience, and all of our designs are responsive and modular, giving you versatility when adding your content and building your campaigns.

We’ll make sure the templates we build work perfectly no matter what your goal. From simple news updates for your customers, product and sale promotions, helping get your ideas into a new design, or simply bringing an existing template up-to-date, we’re here to help you.

Content Creation & Copywriting

If you’re struggling to put pen to paper and write engaging content for your subscribers we’re more than happy to relieve the stress!

It doesn’t matter if you need help with a one-off email or as part of a bigger campaign, we can provide copywriting and content creation services that will get your customers engaging – Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling.

Campaign Management

Our team can take complete care of your Mailchimp campaigns, strategising your email marketing and reporting back to you.

Alternatively, we can help set everything up and let you run it yourself with our guiding hand – we’re very flexible in our approach and our delivery.

eCommerce Automation

Mailchimp allows you to create automated newsletters that respond to the activity of your site visitors and work behind the scenes automatically – a real time-saver!

From abandoned cart responses to lapsed client emails, we can help you build events that work and get subscribers engaged with your brand.

List Segmentation

It’s much better to send smaller, more targeted campaigns to specific subscribers than one big blanket email campaign.

If your list has grown out of control and needs to be tamed, we offer help with getting list segmentation up and running – your subscribers and your click-through rates will thank you for it..

Training & Mentoring

Already have a Mailchimp account but struggle to find your way around? Not sure what bit does what and why? We’re more than happy to provide training to help you realise the potential of Mailchimp, and how using it effectively can help your business.

Here at Teapot we realise all businesses are different, and can provide tailored training/mentoring on specific elements that will help your business create successful campaigns.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great tool to boost product sales, drive traffic to your site or increase newsletter sign ups. We can design and create landing pages that give you the opportunity to show off your products, promotions, or to simple news updates.

We can share them across your social media channels and monitor their success. Alternatively we can train you on building them yourself and help you manage them.

Website Integration

Mailchimp integrates with almost any website out there – If you’re looking to save time with an automated signup process, or you want to add a well designed, customised signup form our team can help you achieve your goals.

We can design and build an integration that ensures you’re capturing that all important customer information.


With the power of both Mailchimp and Google AdWords working together, we can help you build marketing campaigns that grab the attention of your visitors once they have left your website without engaging meaning you don’t miss out on that all important conversion.

Mailchimp Audit

Let our team review your Mailchimp account, from general setup and list status, to subscriber health and template design.

Once we’ve finished, we’ll provide you with a report that will help you see what you are doing right and what you can be doing to improve.

If you need help with your Mailchimp campaigns, our in-house team can help call us on 01460 281865 or…

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If you need help with your Mailchimp campaigns, our in-house team can help call us on 01460 281865 or…