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Meet Alex… Teapot’s New Web Design Apprentice

Hello, I’m Alex Tonkins (or ‘Tonks’ as I’m known by the Teapot crew). I’m the new Web Design Apprentice following in the footsteps of Alex (yup, another one) who completed his training in the Spring this year. I’ve been here for a month now and thought it’s about time that I wrote a short blog to give anyone interested a bit of background about me.

How Did I Get Here?

I started my main education in Crispin School where I stayed during my GCSE years. I came out with pretty decent results, which let me proceed onto Strode College in Street. I was always intending to go to Strode as it is only a 30-minute walk away and it held the course I wanted to do!

I spent the next two years of my life slowly completing a Level 3 I.T. Extended Diploma. I ended up finishing the course with the maximum grade of D*D*D*. During and after College I met some great people who pointed me in the right direction after I’d finished, which eventually led me into applying for the Strode College Apprenticeship program.

I had sent my CV to a few different places around the Somerset area and had literally no responses. That being said, I had another shot at this company, Teapot Creative who were searching for a new apprentice, their first one having recently completed his training. After the interview I found out that I could have the Apprenticeship if I wanted it. Safe to say I was over the moon!

ThinkstockPhotos-481742380I am now currently working at Teapot Creative here at Bowdens Farm and I know that I will enjoy the next couple of years of my Apprenticeship, and then hopefully move onto a full time job here.

Down Time

What do I like to do when I’m not working at Teapot Creative? I work 51 hours a week in total, 39 hours at Teapot during the weekdays and another 12 hours at Sainsbury’s over the weekends. I love working at Sainsbury’s too, but the amount of work does take its toll sometimes.

The Beautiful Game

ThinkstockPhotos-477262645Outside of work, if I can find any spare time, I love both watching and playing football with friends. Even though I live nowhere near the place, I love Liverpool FC. Supporting Liverpool runs in the family. I am very passionate about the club and absolutely love it when we win. I’m still waiting for the year where everything goes right for Liverpool and we win the league, but that is most likely a long way off yet.

Playing wise, I’ve represented Street U18’s a couple of times but the squad unfortunately disbanded for not having enough players. Every now and again I’ll go to the Astroturf for a kick around with my friends, always aiming (and quite often succeeding) to score some cracking goals!

ThinkstockPhotos-102115789Nights In

If I’m not out with friends, then I’ll probably be socialising with them on the Xbox, if you can call it socialising… I tend not to play many games on my Xbox as none of the games currently out interest me. I’m just really waiting for the next Fifa and I’ll probably get bored of that within a month. I do however use my Xbox for Netflix, YouTube and other media players. Otherwise it is basically a really expensive paperweight.

I have recently bought and downloaded Netflix to my Xbox and can’t stay off the thing! My favourite series is definitely Orange Is The New Black. I have watched all 3 series in about 2 weeks and am now anxiously waiting for the 4th!

ThinkstockPhotos-487749060Nights Out

I also love going out on Saturday nights. There is nothing quite like working an early shift, then preparing for a night out and then having a blinder. The clubs around here are nothing compared to ones in Brighton or Bristol for example, but we make the most of them. I try to get out as much as possible but quite often due to work it isn’t possible.

So those are my main hobbies and interests, they may not seem like the most exciting interests but they are what I love doing and wouldn’t stop unless I was forced to!

The Future

This time last year my future was looking bleak and I had no clue of what I was going to do or where I was going to end up. Now I have finished College and started an Apprenticeship at Teapot Creative and I couldn’t be happier. I hope to stay at Teapot Creative for the foreseeable future after my Apprenticeship, helping the team in any way that I can!

About Lizzie

Even though I’ve been a designer for over 20 years it is still the best job in the world…’ Branding, Graphic Design and Print Specialist. Experienced in dealing with anything from international brands to small businesses.

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