Hi there, I’m Ant – the new Junior Web Developer at Teapot.

I came to Teapot back in July direct from the University of Worcester. For my degree I studied Creative Digital Media, which covered a broad range of different mediums. However I chose to focus on website design and development, as this is where my passion lies!

Freshly Minted Graduate

I left university with an uneasy feeling as to what the future would hold after friends and associates had struggled to find employment upon graduation. It therefore came as a great surprise when Teapot offered me a place on their web development team. Naturally I was thrilled to get a job so quickly, as my newly gained knowledge and skills from university were still fresh on the brain, and were ready to be capitalised on almost immediately.

I have been at Teapot for two months now and already feel I have grown as a developer, feeding off the knowledge and expertise of the more seasoned developers in the Nick duo – Nick C and Nick S.

This has helped to bolster my web skills that much further. The main points I can take away from this period have been learning how to work to deadlines and in a professional efficient manner, receiving new challenges every week to push me that little bit further.

Keeping Snakes

My main hobby outside of the web world is keeping Royal Pythons. They are a terrestrial or land based species of snake that are native to Africa with their homes typically in small mammal burrows and abandoned termite hides.

Currently I own two Royal Pythons having taken up the hobby earlier this year. I own a male and a female, both of which are yearlings at around 9 months in age. In the years to come it is my hope to begin breeding these animals, as well as adding to my collection.

The biggest crazes with Royal Pythons are the number of different paint jobs they come in, or to be more specific, their ‘morphs’. This is where the genes contained within the snake alter the pattern and pigmentation of its scales. Depending on these variations they are able to fetch prices from £40 all the way up to £70,000+. Though breeding a snake worth that kind of money is rare and highly sought after in the pet trade.

Music & Fishing

I also enjoy a wide variety of music, though I mainly listen to rock & metal, which often graces the studio speakers! Much to the delight of everybody else (except Charlotte…).

My favourite band are a rock band from the States known as Breaking Benjamin that have regrettably now broken up. I still listen to them to this day as they were with me through a lot of my teenage years. Other bands that feature on my playlist are; Hollywood Undead, Disturbed, Bullet for My Valentine, just to name a few.

I am also partial to a spot of fishing, which I tend to do mainly at the weekends. I mostly partake in carp fishing, but if the mood strikes me, it has been known for me to seek out other species as well, such as; Pike, Perch, Roach and Bream!

Web Design, Rock, Snakes & Fishing

That’s me. My interests and the other shenanigans that I get up to with my life. I hope that over the coming time that I will continue to grow here with Teapot, growing both as a person and web developer. Allowing me to complete my work to the highest standard I can possibly achieve.

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