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Meet Dan… Teapot’s New PHP Developer

Hello, I’m Dan, Teapot’s new PHP developer. I came aboard the good ship Teapot back at the beginning of March and I am now a fully integrated member of the fantastic team based here at Bowdens Farm in the very heart of Somerset.

Early techie

I have always been into computers as far back as I can remember. I had my first games console at the tender age of 4 and have played or owned pretty much every iteration since then!

I got my first PC at the age of 14 and was hooked. Coming from a family of computer programmers, I was surrounded by multi-coloured code and if-statements and knew I wanted my career to involve these magic words, but wasn’t entirely sure which coding language to learn.

During this time,  the Internet was in its infancy, but I was sure it was the direction the world was taking. I got myself into college doing a multi-media course – learning how to make websites as well as getting my head around design. They say practice makes perfect, and they were right!

I soon realised my mind suited a more logical code, so I settled on excelling at PHP (PHP: hypertext preprocessor) server side coding along side MySQL (a relational database management system).

Having not found a job in the web industry on leaving college, I began a 9-year stint in retail management, but still designed, developed and practiced making websites and writing code in my spare time.

Becoming a Teapotter

After settling into the industry, I came across an opening at Teapot Creative on one of the many online job websites out there. After a few emails and a chat with the team, they offered me my current position and here I am!

Two months on and I’m thoroughly enjoying both my job and working with such a wonderfully creative and energetic bunch of people. My knowledge of server side programming has helped in many situations so far and I’m sure will continue to pay off.


Outside of the office, my hobbies are somewhat predictably, very tech orientated!

I am a keen moviegoer – Action, Sci-fi, Adventure – you name it – I love it. I particularly enjoy the cult classics as well as the brand new, high-budget, AAA movies released today.

While I don’t watch a lot of TV, the TV box sets of series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad are definitely something I love to lose myself in.

I remain an avid gamer (I don’t think that will ever change, no matter how old I get!) and I’ve built and continue to build my own PCs for gaming (and coding of course). However, I still enjoy lying on the sofa playing the PlayStation!

I like a bit of DIY (not flat pack!!!) and when the summertime brings on the natural instinct to ‘sort the garden out’ I don’t need any prompting to go outdoors and get busy.

The other love in my life (apart from my better half) is my 5 year old daughter, who, as anyone with kids will tell you, takes up a lot of my time and makes working hard all the more worthwhile!

The Road Ahead

I feel privileged to work at Teapot Creative, alongside some fantastic people and doing what I love everyday. I am looking forward to the future.

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