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Meet Mia… Teapot’s New Junior Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Mia, the new Junior Graphic Designer here at Teapot Creative! I joined the tea drinking team just a few months ago and thought it was about time I introduced myself.

Before joining Teapot I spent 3 years studying for my degree in Interior Textiles & Surface Design at Somerset College, Taunton. It was a fantastic course where I learnt so many new skills – from laser cutting, screen-printing, and digital printing, to creating a weirdly wonderful fantasy shoe business!

My degree was very diverse and I quickly developed a love for digital design. After exhibiting my work at New Designers in London (a fantastic exhibition, showcasing up and coming design talent) I began looking for a creative job where I could build on the skills I learnt at university.


Life at Teapot

I’m really enjoying my role as a graphic designer here at Teapot and although my degree wasn’t in graphic design it has helped me a lot with the work that I am doing now. The process of coming up with a design concept, developing the idea, right through to the finished product can be applied to any creative position.

Oh and it also helps that there are two graphic design experts, Barry and Lizzie in the Teapot studio who are always on hand to share their specialist knowledge when I’m facing a challenging task!

7 Menu Design Tips

Lately I have been designing lots of menus, so I thought I would share some interesting stats and facts about what makes a good menu:

1. The typical time a customer spends on a menu is 8 minutes (according to the Daily Mail). With a customer spending this long looking at a menu you want to make sure they are looking at something that communicates the correct message for your business.

2. It’s imperative for the visitor to see all the menu items at once, so anything that means the customer has to turn it over more than once. If it’s too bulky, the customer won’t be able to process it all, thus ordering something they might not fancy.

3. If prices are in a column, it will result in people comparing prices. If they are varied by being a few spaces from the last letter of the menu explanation without any dots or dashes to draw the customer’s attention means they wont play price comparison and choose on price.

4. Desserts shouldn’t be on the main menu. This is not a set rule, but thinking about the psychology of this, if you don’t have your desserts on your menu customers are more likely to get a starter as they are not going to be saving room for the yummy pudding they spotted.

5. Don’t CAPITALISE everything. It’s okay to capitalise the name, but for descriptions use lower-case in order to slow down the reader’s eyes and keep them from glossing over the whole menu.

6. The eight major allergies are; nuts, peanuts, milk, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, and soy. So it is important to list these, also people like the spice factor labelled (mild/hot/very hot)

7. On a two-page menu, most people will first look just above the middle on the right side. Next, they look at the first and last items on the list. So make sure the best dishes are placed in these areas.


More About Me…

When I’m not in the Teapot studio designing with Barry & Lizzie, I spend a lot of time in my own little studio in the garden drinking lots of tea.

My favourite item is the brightly coloured animal cards, which are always popular when I attend local craft fairs and events.

When I’m not designing I like to visit local vintage fairs and auctions to find unusual items for the home or unloved furniture, which I can up-cycle.

I also like listening to music such as Ellie Goulding, Biffy Clyro, The Kooks and Ed Sheeran. Live music is a big part of my life and I’ve been to the Glastonbury Festival many times including this years gathering up at Pilton. Unfortunately the majority of Teapotters are rock lovers…

The future for me is Teapot shaped based up here at the lovely Bowdens Farm with my view of the sheep and pigs pottering out in the field. Ideal surroundings for design work.

About Lizzie

Even though I’ve been a designer for over 20 years it is still the best job in the world…’ Branding, Graphic Design and Print Specialist. Experienced in dealing with anything from international brands to small businesses.

Give us a call on 01460 281865 or email us to see how we can help you!