The remarkable power of the internet for connecting people across oceans and continents is something that it is all to easy to take for granted in the modern world of instant transcontinental communication. If you stop and think about it for a minute (go on, it is Friday) then it is nothing short of magical. Anyway, Teapot Creative has been caught up in its own little internet story this week which began with an email we received on Wednesday from a lady called Nela Diaz who lives in Miami, USA a cool 4,000 miles away or thereabouts from Somerset!

Now, getting blog comments coming in from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean would be pretty cool in itself but it was better than that. It turns out that Nela recently bought one of the 70 year old Liberty pots herself and whilst doing some research on it she came across our blog about the teapots and thought she had better get in touch with us.

In her email, Nela asked how many of these teapots there are left in the world. I wish I new the answer. All I know at present is that in the UK they are scarce but in the USA they are more common. No doubt as time goes on their numbers will keep decreasing so if you see one for sale at a good price then I would snap it up. I call on the world of tea lovers and teapot enthusiasts to keep their eyes and ears open for other examples of these fascinating teapots. All sightings we are notified of will be reported of course in our Teapot blog!

A big thankyou to Nela for contacting us and letting us know about her teapot. We appreciate all comments, photos and stories relating to your teapots or those you see on your travels both on-line and in the real world. Historic, unusual, foreign, antique, modern… the stranger the better! Can anyone beat Neela and send a comment in about a teapot from somewhere even further away than Miami? And finally Teapot lovers why not follow us on Facebook.


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