50thThats right, at long last we have got there. Our 50th blog.

When the doors of the Teapot Creative blog opened a bit over a year ago there was a distinct possibility that they could have swung shut after only a couple of blogs had been posted allowing cobwebs and tumble weed to take over. They didn€™t of course and at long last we have reached our 50th blog. Phew€¦

It has to be said that we might not have posted new blogs quite as often as we promised, but sometimes rules are there to be broken and frankly blog deadlines come under this heading. One rule we haven€™t let slip though is that of trying to post a real mixture of content in the hope that this will stave of blog boredom for our good readers.

The world we inhabit here at Teapot Towers is pretty random at times and the 49 blogs listed below reflects this. There have been plenty about our growing organisation and general news; tips on graphic design, SEO and web design (our bread & butter); the odd guest post (the marvelous Tao of Teatime); many opportunities for us to write anything teapot related we can lay our hands on; blogs about our partner organisations; occasional heads up about interesting local events and other bits & pieces. In a nutshell we€™ve tried to make it an interesting and sometimes fun journey for our readers who are of course smarter than the average bear.

If you have stuck with us through the 49 and consider yourself €˜a regular€™ (a big thankyou from all of us!) or maybe this is the first time you have stopped by and read a Teapot blog then please do hang around for the next fifty (a daunting prospect for everyone including us). We are always finding inspiration for new blog ideas so look out for some new series starting soon and lots of fresh stuff.

Thanks once again for joining us on our adventures in blog land and look out for number 51 coming next week€¦ OK, maybe the week after!

The Big 49…

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8. A Quick Guide to Signing Up To Google Places

9. Joomla Canonlicalisation Issues


11. Mary Rook €“ Somerset Sailor

12. Utopia Is In Spain!

13. Teapot Sculpture

14. Top of the Pots

15. 27,000 cups of Tea

16. Content Creation Tip # 1 €“ B is for Blog

17. For England and Democracy

18. Content Creation Tip # 2 €“ CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF PRODUCTS

19. Varanasi Welfare Foundation

20. Content Creation Tip # 3 €“ CUSTOMER REVIEWS PART 2

21. Content Creation Tip # 4 €“ IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FAQs

22. Miami €“ Home Of A Special Teapot

23. Content Creation Tip # 5 €“ THE RISE & RISE OF THE E-NEWSLETTER

24. Prestashop Abandoned Carts €“ Reasons, Solution & Module

25. How to add categories to your Prestashop store €“ Tutorial 1

26. Somerset Art Weeks Is Back!

27. Brighton Hosts Another Blinder

28. Giant Bronze Woman Spotted In Devon

29. Content Creation Tip # 6 €“ SPEECHES & PRESENTATIONS

30. Teapot Creative Have A New Home

31. Deck The Halls With Our Bespoke Design Christmas Cards

32. Taunton€™s Empty Shops Get A Boost From Blank Canvas

33. How To Setup Prestashop Multi-store

34. Teapots & Trains

35. What Local Search Is & Why Your Small Business Needs It

36. Distilled Linklove 2013 – Why you should be there

37. Finding & Fixing Orphaned Links Using Majestic, Excel & Screaming Frog

38. TOG Blog

39. Advanced Search Queries for Link Prospecting

40. The Tao of Tea Time

41. The Science Behind Dripping Teapots

42. How Ethical Is Your Paper?

43. Branding €“ its not just a logo!

44. The Stories Teapots Tell

45. How to add products to Prestashop 1.5 (inc. video transcript)

46. Content Creation Tip # 7 €“ TRANSCRIBING VIDEOS

47. Branding – The Sequel!

48. BrightonSEO & The Twitter Bird

and finally…

49.TOG Blog 2


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