Packaging & Signage

Box, Bag or Wrap?

We love to package! Our creative team can visualise your product in the shop or on your website and create something fabulous to make sure your customers can’t resist that purchase!

We will need to spend some time talking to you about your customers to find out what they like and how they buy…. Also, we will need to check out your competition to see what they have done – then we can make sure we do it better!

Our knowledge of packaging products is pretty extensive and we have some tried and tested suppliers. This means we can help you work out the best route for your products and keep costs per unit in line with your budget.



From large school campus sign schemes, to one little door sign for the loo in your favourite colour – we can produce the goods. We can design it, manufacture it and deliver it. Or just design it and you can take it from there. We like to be flexible.

Any size, any shape, any way you like!

Exhibition Stands and things.

We can help with designing pretty much anything – so, if you need us to turn our hand to an award made out of heavy crystal or an exhibition stand for the NEC, just say the word and we will be on it!

And while we are here, would you like to help save the planet?

If you are feeling Eco-friendly and want to add a little social impact to your product – we are all in! Sustainable products are the way to go and we will help your find your way with all the new options that are coming on the market each and every day.  If we don’t know about the latest thing, we will find out for you – we love to learn!