We have previously covered the new PrestaShop 1.7 back-office with our guide for getting around the new admin area and also wrote an in-depth post about the new product editor. This time we will cover some of the standard modules which come or used to come with every installation of PrestaShop as well as a few odds and ends about other changes in the back-office.


Modules Interface

As with other sections of the back-office, the Modules area has also received an overhaul and now displays three tabs when accessed. The first and default tab is called “Selection” and it will display a list of recommended modules for your store, giving you choices from the best selling and highest regarded extensions developed by the PrestaShop Community. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a search bar which allows you to search for it without leaving the back-office.

If you want to configure a module that is already installed in your store, you can do so in the next tab “Installed modules”. The list is no longer updated as you type (like it was in PrestaShop 1.6) so make sure you hit Enter or click on the search button to bring up the module you want to set up.

The third and final tab is for “Notifications” and here you will find the modules which need configuring or which have an update ready to be installed.


Where is the Layered Navigation module?

Don’t panic, this module is still included in PrestaShop 1.7 however it has been renamed to “Faceted Search”. If you’re familiar with the old Layered Navigation module you won’t need to worry about configuring it as the set-up is mostly the same.


I can’t find the Categories block.

It has been renamed to “Category Tree Links” and the setup is the same as the old module.


Where are the Mail Alerts and Customer Follow-up modules?

They don’t come pre-installed but they are still available for free. You need to open the Selection tab (the first and default one) and search for them. They each come with an “Install” button so you can quickly add them to your store.


Other modules which are no longer pre-installed but are available for free under “Selection”:

  • Products in the same category
  • New Products Block
  • Top Sellers Block
  • Viewed Products
  • Specials Block (discounted products)


Where are the Products Comments and Loyalty modules?

These two are no longer available in PrestaShop 1.7 (as of version 1.7.3) but there are several modules developed by the PrestaShop community which offer similar functionality and depending on how many features you need, can be obtained for free or for different prices.



PrestaShop 1.7 brings a few changes to the translations section. What were previously known as “Front Office Translations” are now the Theme Translations. Besides these, one of the greatest improvements is that Modules Translations can now be done by module, it no longer has to load thousands upon thousands of strings which would slow the entire process down. This also gets rid of the issue many store had where the number of strings was exceeding the PHP limit, making translations impossible from the back-office.

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