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Creating and running a successful eCommerce business isn’t just about having the ability to sell online. To be successful your eCommerce store needs to be easily found online, look great, engage your customers, inspire trust, have an intuitive customer journey and ultimately convert site visitors into sales and promote the life cycling of repeat buying. Teapot Creative are a unique Prestashop Development company with trained, specialist Prestashop Developers who have lots of experience to help you achieve this.

At Teapot Creative we love Prestashop. We are the UK’s largest accredited Prestashop partner agency offering a wide range of services to help support what we feel is the best eCommerce platform available.

We can provide everything you need to make your Prestashop store a success. From designing and building your bespoke, elegant and enticing online store through to trouble-shooting, ongoing site maintenance and support.

Of course creating a successful eCommerce store isn’t just putting your products up for sale and waiting for the money to start rolling in. To be successful online you need to build trust through your branding and design, build loyalty and repeat sales through your customer journey and provide fantastic after-sales support.

It’s a fact, if no one knows that your store exists, then no one will be buying your products. So you need to ensure that your customers can find you. We take customer experience and the potential for increasing site traffic in to account at every stage of planning, design, development and launch.

Our team of Prestashop eCommerce developers, digital designers, SEO’s and digital marketing experts are at your disposal. All projects are delivered by our in-house team and you will deal directly with our studio manager, the designer and the developer building your site.

Pre-Project Discovery Phase

Before we start working with you and depending on the complexity of your project we might need a Discovery Phase. We use this discovery phase to find out all about your project and fully understand your requirements, down to the last tiny detail!

This phase helps to provide purpose, direction and a shared vision for the entire project by focusing equally on objectives and deliverables. It also allows for working relationships to be formed and for the whole team to have an input and provide their expertise. It can also help in identifying potential roadblocks that could have a negative impact on project timescales and success and lead to better solutions.

Throughout the Discovery phase we try to recognise:

  • What you want to achieve from your eCommerce development
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What currently exists, in terms of systems, tools and processes and if you already have an eCommerce website we will take a good look over it
  • What we need to know and understand to achieve your desired goals
  • User requirements and experience

As we navigate through the discovery phase, documentation will be produced which outlines all key findings and proposes to follow up actions. This information will help to ensure that all project stakeholders, client and agency, have a clear understanding of project requirements and associated goals. It will assist with forming the project scope and lead to better solutions.


Teapot Creative are the UK’s largest accredited PrestaShop agency and we have designed, built, tested and launched more than 50 PrestaShop stores.

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Our web designers have a deep understanding of the PrestaShop platform, what PrestaShop is capable of and how to create an engaging store design that answers your needs at the same time as utilising all of the functionality that PrestaShop is capable of.

Separating yourself from your competitors, making your products stand out and winning customer trust is all about how well you present your business online. Every element counts; your brand, your products, your selling techniques and how you lead your customers from landing page to check-out.


All of our existing development and support team have been trained and certified directly by PrestaShop and we have a commitment to ensuring that all new development and support staff are trained and accredited by PrestaShop.

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All of our store builds are project managed and you will have full access to our project management system to be able to monitor the development progress of your site, communicate directly with the development team and supply resources such as website copy, images, video, etc.

We employ responsive design as standard so that your site is well supported cross-browser and across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. All sites are tested against Google Mobile Standards prior to launch to ensure that your site is indexed and included in both desktop and mobile search engine results.

Site Redesign

The web is an ever-changing environment with trends and technologies continuously evolving but this doesn’t mean that you need to re-invent your online business each year.

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A Prestashop theme re-design can often breathe new life in to a tired looking store, help to keep your brand fresh and allow you to benefit from elements such as responsive design increased site speed and structured data mark-up for search engines.


Exporting your products and selling abroad can be a great way of growing your online business and increasing revenue but internationalising your site via multi-store and multi-language doesn’t come without a challenge.We have helped many businesses to successfully internationalise their websites and we work closely with UK Trade and Investment to ensure that your business has the best chance possible of realising your overseas aims.

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Our largest international client to date has more than 90 versions of their website serving language and currency variations in 15 different countries. So whatever scale your requirements we can help and advise.


The PrestaShop multi-store facility is the perfect way to sell products across multiple sites to different markets whilst keeping your store administration and business overheads to a minimum.

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We create and work with PrestaShop multi-store environments on a daily basis and can help with anything you need from simple advice to looking after the entire process for you.

Bug Fixing

A small bug in your PrestaShop installation, theme or a module can range from being an annoying inconvenience to completely crippling your business.

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To the trained eye a bug can often be easy to find and easy to fix so if you are having problems of any kind then our PrestaShop accredited developers can help to get them resolved so that you can get on with selling products.

Site Performance

There is just about nothing worse for an online shopper than waiting for a page to load. Slow site-speed will have a big impact on your sales and cause potential customers lose faith in your store and your brand.

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Set-up correctly, Prestashop is pretty much the fastest loading open-source eCommerce platform available but poor store configuration or incorrect server environment can cause this lightening speed to crawl at a snails pace.

We can resolve your site performance issues to give you the best chance of winning and retaining customers.

Store Configuration Audits

9 times out of 10 almost all issues experience by clients with Prestashop are down to either incorrect store set-up or incorrect product configuration.

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Tax settings, language settings, product attributes, product combinations, shipping carriers, payment gateways…. These can all become confusing and incorrect configuration can lead to a store that doesn’t function correctly.

If you are struggling to get your store set-up correctly then we can audit your store configuration and you up and running as quickly as possible.


Prior to launch we journey test each site against a strict testing procedure to ensure that your customer journey is sound, payment gateways have been checked and are able to take live payments, there are no dead links on your site and all functionality is working as agreed.

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