PrestaShop Modules

What are they?

Life outside the box

Each eCommerce business has similarities and basic requirements. PrestaShop and all other open source eCommerce platforms give you a lot of functionality ‘out of the box’ for free, however there are always those little things that aren’t quite as you want them. Each business around the world has different requirements that help it function better and of course one platform can’t cover everything. This is where an extensive open source developer community with a modular platform comes into its own. It might be you need a particular report, or you have a complicated shipping requirement, or you need to show tax options. With PrestaShop there are thousands of modules developed by its extensive community to help you. These can be found here. All of these modules have been approved by Prestashop.

Teapot Creative build modules for PrestaShop and we have a small range of modules for sale in the PrestaShop add ons market place.


Whilst there are tons of modules available they are obviously built with an extended market place in mind. It might be that you can use an existing module to meet your needs, however, you might have to adapt your internal processes just to use it. It could also be that there are no modules available that quite hit the mark. You might need an integration into an accounts system, an ERP or a CRM but nothing exists. This is where our expertise can help. If there is a module that needs tweaking we can do that. We do not interfere with the module itself as that would mean you cant update it. We would write a piece of software that extends the module to suit.

Modules… We Make ‘Em!

We offer a bespoke module design and build service for PrestaShop to suit individual business requirements. Our team can build custom functionality with your business and plans in mind while keeping the integrity of the platform in place. We will never alter core files so you are always able to keep up to date with the latest version of PrestaShop.

From a front office, well designed custom visual piece built in html, JavaScript and smarty templates to complex back office extensions built in Symfony, we are more than happy to help you with your requirements.