Big House Company

Brochure Website


Big House Company asked us to re-design their existing site. They wanted the overall look modernised, the site made responsive and the content arranged in a more enticing manner with the end result, a more user friendly experience.


The existing site had a good depth of content but needed the site structure to be de-constructed then reorganised, so that the visitor journey became easier. Having carried this out, we then laid out the pages in a simple format and added in lots of little touches to bring the unique brand identity through – we also had some fun adding a little character to the brand by the footer.

Examples of items added – a ‘quick look’ symbol based guide to each rentable property; more prominent imagery of properties and services; the addition of a video gallery and key descriptions on each page (especially the home page) to give the visitor a quick overview of the products on offer and their USP’s.

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