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Our client is the world-renowned leather craftsman, Bill Amberg and his company of the same name. Based in East London they brought us into to help create a new online store for the sale of their luxury leather goods and to improve their studio site – the showcase for the vast range of work they do with commercial and residential commissions and accessories.


We met with the client and their design team in their Shoreditch studio where upon we were introduced to the ancient trade of leather working. The passion, skill and attention to detail evident in this visit to their base was then channelled into the new website ensuring that every element of the site reflected the exceptional levels of quality and craftsmanship that runs through this iconic business.

A mix of colours, bold graphic design and white space came together to take the visitor on a journey either into the online shop or into the studio to discover more about the company and their work. Both sections of the site greeted the visitor with excellent photography capturing the fine detail of the products and pieces.

Finally we added a client page listing the finest names in a broad sweep of industries as well as a portfolio of work and news section. Altogether the shop and the studio sites functioned seamlessly together with the visitor able to cross effortlessly from one to the other exploring the rich diversity of content available in both.

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