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Corrymoor are a well established business, specialising in the production of Mohair products and especially socks. The client wanted to push on to build the company but felt the branding was holding them back however they were not clear about what needed to change.

The first task was to tackle the problem of the confused brand identities and the use of different names for the business without inadvertently alienating the loyal customer base the client had built up. With the brand name consolidated into one, now covering all the products as well as the mohair garments, we then worked on the brand id. Using the existing emblem of an Angora goat we remodelled it as a free hand mark injecting an element of fun to reflect the goat’s character.

Natural development is key when designing for a long standing brand taking into account existing brochures and packaging the client had and would still be in circulation. Colour, fonts and a consistent graphic signature were developed with the palette coming from other accent colours found in the original branding with all components organically taking shape.

Time was spent with the client looking at the existing packaging used for the main sock ranges and listening to the issues that the client had faced over the years in presenting the product.

With it being a prestige range and the product being boldly striped we wanted any packaging to be uncomplicated. We designed a simple uncoated paper wrap,  with the graphics kept basic yet effective on the front. Product information was to the rear and then the inside was used for further details and washing instructions.

Having helped Corrymoor to complete their rebranding process we were then tasked with building a new ecommerce website incorporating the Blackdown Hills based company’s new brand identity. The website had to be easy to update and host a rich collection of photos and information about the company and the products.

The client provided us with an extensive collection of professional product photos to use along with a huge variety of photos of the socks in action and quite a few of the goats themselves! We set about creating the new website using the popular Prestashop platform renowned for it’s front and back end usability.

The finished website is both simple and quick to update from the comfort of the farm office. This means that the Corrymoor team are now able to publish information about upcoming events and promotions without having to rely on a third party as they were with their previous site.

For customers the product ordering process is stress free whilst our client is provided a range of useful sales data and other information. There are plenty of opportunities for site visitors to find out more about the farm, mohair, the goats and the socks.

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