Discworld Emporium

Ecommerce Website


Discworld Emporium required a new website that replaced the old one which was slow and had very out-dated functionality. The site wasn’t responsive and the client found it difficult to work with, a clunky back end interface didn’t help matters. The store needed to reflect modern site technology and user experience, whilst giving the client great content management system and back end interface. The site also had to capture the essence of Terry Pratchett’s world and present the visitor with a modern Ankh Morpork shopping experience.


After thoroughly scoping the project with the client, we settled on using PrestaShop as the platform of choice. The team were very excited to be working with the Discworld team, as we are all fans of Terry’s work and the products that the Emporium develops. What we have done is utilise a lot of the artwork that existed to create something different. A moving Great A’Tuin logo in a parallax starry sky filtering down through clouds to a beautiful illustration of Ankh Morpork to enter the city. All overlaid with styled product and information display. Lots of layers, textures and ideas from the client has made something very special and befitting to such a unique product range and client.

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