Exmoor Tea



Graphic Design.



Stirring things up with a new brand of Tea.


When we were asked to do this job we leapt at the chance. Tea AND Design – our two favourite things!

Our designers set to work creating something contemporary and cool, to set this tea apart from its more traditional rivals. With lots of lovely blends to play with, the brand needed to be stretchy and easy to adapt.

The logo design itself needed to be bold and brave and had to leap out from the print. A funky (and slightly retro) tea leaf pattern was created for the back grounds which gave the stylish logo a nice place to sit and made it super eye catching.

Once the brand had been created we set to work on the packaging. Lovely square boxes were designed to really show off the pattern which wraps around it. Each blend has a different colour theme which makes it easy to identify which one is which. Together they make a fabulous set. The design is contemporary, honest and bold. Just like the tea!

Whist all this exciting design was going on,  we put together a WooCommerce website which included some lively parallax movement to give it depth and some nicely designed features to show off the product and make it really easy to purchase the tea. The user journey is one of the most important aspects of a site so special attention was given to this before the design and build phases.


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