Green Door

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Green Door are a people development company offering creative training, consultation and facilitation in corporate situations. Teapot were brought into give their branding a refresh and redirect the company’s brand image for use in print and digital.


The keyhole mark signified the unlocking of peoples potential through training and empowerment. When applied to the website we went on to build for the client, the simple brand mark lent itself perfectly to use digitally throughout the site. On each of the core services pages we changed the colour of the keyhole mark creating an obvious division between the areas.

It is in print however that the new brand design came into its own, thanks to the tactile way we presented it in the business cards with the keyhole mark cut out. The effect of this was to turn the business card into an eye-catching talking point whilst retaining the professional look of the original design. For the type mark we opted for an elegant serif font in two gentle shades of green placed below the keyhole brand mark.

  • SBA 2016 Winner
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