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Hiho, Hiho, it’s off to work we go…


HiHo came to us with an existing and strong on-line commerce presence. However, their website was in need of updating in function and design. We chose the Prestashop route for them as they had complex shipping and tax to contend with and hundreds of products so needed a robust and capable system to further their online selling capacity.

HiHo is all about lifestyle. We used hero shots of the jewellery to set the tone. The site looks sumptuous and beautiful, showcasing the products well. The use journey was a big part of this project and we wanted to make it the best experience possible for the buyers. The product photography was key here as many of the designs are intricate. We simplified their existing user journey by adding a mega menu with photos.

Our client also needed a card to display their jewellery on at shows. It needed to look high end and luxurious and be very robust to be handled by the public.

We designed a heavy duty card on Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm. We then added a bit of bling by using a purple foil block. It had to display a necklace, a bracelet and/or earrings and look beautiful but be robust enough to be handled at shows. They must have worked well as the client has ordered many re-prints!

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