Just Kids Things

Ecommerce Website


Our client Just Kids Things run an ecommerce store selling a wide range of branded products for babies and toddlers. Initially we were brought in to provide back up support and assist with the general running of their PrestaShop website. Gradually we were able to improve the website in a number of ways and extend our support into new areas.


After working with the site for a while we discovered that there were improvements we could make with the site structure and design. We set about implementing an attractive slider complete with fantastic photography and enticing calls to action leading customers into the site. As well as this we added a mini slider with logos from all the brands the client stocks.

The team also worked on improving the functionality of the product listing system, an essential feature of any ecommerce store. Product categories were listed along the top of the site in a menu and a featured products tiled board, whilst a collection of larger scale photo boxes advertising different items from the range showed off the products perfectly. With the entire user experience modified and the site generally running more efficiently the client was in an opportunity to drive their business forward.


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