Pegasus Commodities



Teapot were tasked with creating a full brand identity for this recently formed company that would enable them to enter this competitive market and sit confidently alongside better established companies in this field.


The client wanted the centre piece design to be instantly recognisable and easily shortened to ‘Pegasus’. Taking the name of the company as our starting point we worked with the client to identify the key features that it brings to mind – strength, power, movement and flight.

The winged design is a departure from the conventional portrayal of Pegasus as a winged horse. It focuses solely on the wings with only a suggestion of a horses head at the base. The typographic element is an elegant mix of a modern looking typeface with light and dark tones highlighting the shortened name of the company. This draws the eye to the name as well as the winged logo design.

  • SBA 2016 Winner
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